Sorry to Bother You: Boots Riley’s satiric look at race and class in America

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Sorry to Bother You marks the directorial debut of Boots Riley, frontman for the Oakland political hip-hop collective The Coup. The satiric look at one man’s rise through the telemarketing ranks was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival. Riley spoke with the CBC’s Tashuana Reid about film.

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chris don says:

If it was a Newfie faking a Jamaician accent to sell things in Jamaica CBC would see it as a 'problematic' and 'tone deaf' movie , so……follow the logic….C'mon CBC you can do it, 4 year olds do it all the time…

Marven 316 says:

Let me guess tons of raciest jokes but its ok cause hes black.

Rel1369 says:

I don't live in Canada but follow this channel as it is of interest to see where my country might be headed (we used to follow the US but lately seem to be trying to race them to hell). I don't see why this isn't news, it is informative of a apparently successful movie (as far as where it has been shown so far) that uses entertainment to show certain narratives. Most movies are just drivel, which is fine as long as those watching know this (most don't). For anyone that keeps complaining about what this channel posts, simply stop watching it. We have a govt funded TV channel and many argue it is propaganda but against the govt and want it shut down, why…just to stop giving alternative views on what many don't want the general public to see.
And voice that makes a case of discrimination will be 'against' whatever is on the other side of it, so saying this is 'anti-white' is probably pointing out that it has legitimate concerns about black discrimination.

Ex EddieB says:

How about you stop separating yourselves by race, huh? hypocrites.

Tyler says:

WTF? CANADA…do you remember the face of your fathers? We need to take CBC out before they do any more harm with cultural marxist; and this is coming from a guy whose wife is FN and has a black cat named Tupac. Honestly, WTF?!!!

thatguy34603 says:

Kool all the way around must watch

MCalder8 says:

A lot of unapologetic racists and bigots in these comments lol

Jeff Bryan says:

Let's see more Retardeau groping vids… now THAT'S entertainment!

Leisure Larry says:

Women are Gods in Liberal Canada

Leisure Larry says:

Just give whites their country back

David Gustave says:


Mr. Joe says:

Honestly, white Americans could cares less about this stuff anymore, it's not 1920.

James Reale says:

Please do away with the cbc.libtard television.

V Thompson says:

How does promoting a film by an American Marxist serve Canada's interests? What's the point of even having the CBC?

Blazed and Confused says:

It's kinda like a racial ''Workaholics'' I guess?

Blazed and Confused says:

Looks funny, but CBC promoting it does not inspire much confidence in me.

alex grasso says:

What if there was all European North American caucus

Teal naiad says:

This sounds exciting, finally something with flavor.

Logically Brainwashed says:

Anti white hate speech financed by the tax payer!

The Human Condition says:

More identity politics BS !!!

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