‘The Briefing Room’: Trump at NATO summit, Judge Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination | ABC News

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The latest political headlines from Washington, D.C.

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David Kovach says:

BARRY LEE .take ur meds and sit down .

Josh Fletcher says:

long live King Trump!!!!!

Decimus the gamer says:

Like how they say "bring in a expert" bunch of clowns

Decimus the gamer says:

You clowns DO NOT KNOW anything.whats wrong with the world– you clowns.

Bruce Kay says:

Typically selective bias from the pathetic left leaning, fallacious reporting of ABC and it's agenda driven reporters. President Trump was bang on the money!. MAGA TRUMP 2020!!

Latest News says:

Trump is our man. He knows exactly what he is doing. Stay out of his way. We finally have a real leader.

Ian Home says:

The embarrassment that is Donald Trump

gt5228z says:

Trump doesent care where Germany gets it's oil, he is just making the point that NATOs call to protect Europe from Russia is pointless should Germany keep getting all of it's oil from the "enemy"

Nick Hayes says:

Trump is our man. He knows exactly what he is doing. Stay out of his way. We finally have a real leader.

Jay Rocket says:

Think about the hyperbole surrounding trump and putin. Think about how intense that has been going on with democrats wanting to impeach Trump for some unseen friendship with Russia. And this fake news pusher has the audacity to say it doesn't matter that russia sells energy to our EU allies. Shut the fuck up

Gabe Fields A Great Skill Check says:

Skip to 1:04:24 for Ace Combat 8…..

Jay Rocket says:

Correction. Trump clearly states natural energy. This guy just pushed fake news 4:54.

Seven Pointed Star says:

Interesting points, that's why I like them so much.

Gabe Fields A Great Skill Check says:

Trumps is the GOAT!

G says:

Trump 2020!

Henry Dawkins says:

Trump is the Devil incarnate

Richard Wright says:

This guy can not except his failure under Obama what a Sour Grape clown

Happy Buds says:

Evil, Failing Trump Must be stopped.

xXEliteShadowWarriorXx says:

Here we go with another Summit Crap!

birdseed2473 says:

Didn't even watch, no skip ad and intro too long

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