The Polarity Has Now Flipped

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Marc Randazza joins Alex Jones live to break down how the political polarity has now flipped from Republicans calling for limitations on pornography to Democrats now wanting to end free speech.

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S. Barger says:

Europe. Socialist. They are are not the “free world.” Seeing it everyday, less and less freedoms, sliding into the abyss….happens every time. Face it America, the last bastion of Freedom is right here, but it is under attack. Don’t let them have a moments peace.

JOHN DOE says:

You people would probably beat a mexican to death!

Mole says:

Jesus is the ONLY answer for ALL the problems. You can't AGREE with EVIL, if you do you end up in HELL. People can't tolerate EVIL.

David Ivey says:

Haha! I've never seen any guest talk back over Alex. That's what more guests need to do, cause Alex isn't purposefully interrupting people when he does, that's just how he conversates with people & he probably expects people to do the same to him if they know what they're talking about

ChArLz In ChArGe says:

I don't believe in a free republic Communist speech is well.. Fascist and Communist can't allow free speech. They also lie through propaganda.

Roberts Burrow says:

You mean to tell me that some of the left is starting to figure out, that they don't want nothing to do with the "TRUE Fascists" Socialist-Progressive Liberals protesting for the suppression of free speech and other freedoms in America? …or is this just a ploy by the left to get you to confide in them, so they can later deceive the hell out of you – because that is what Satan does! Only time will tell.

Yiṣḥāq David says:

"He's fired all the lobbyists" LMAO no he has not

Parker Scheuermann says:

Nice beard dude!!!

Gameplay69 says:

This guy needs to just give it up on the hair, looks reeeeallllly bad.

Amax with the Facts says:

Respect to Marc. He seems more on the gray area and the neutral ground like me. Sometimes conservative and sometimes liberal.

Jamie Morton says:

I was always against evangelicals trying to censor liberals in the past but it is the left that is trying to destroy free speech now and that is why I became a conservative

zarack 008 says:

The whole point is all the high school and especially college kids are so brainwashed in most areas they are not going to be like, "hey we all have free speech and its cool if you want to believe this or that lets shake hands and go home", this guy trying to act like lets all get along is never going to happen short of a miracle.

Stefano Fava says:

Understand me right i love what you are doing and you are an skilled host, but often you speak over something super interesting like an drunk and then hmmmmmmmmm and say something not because u had to but because whos knows why… 😛

Leven Pfvast says:

What Mr Randazza and Alex are talking about – though it is skated around – is the basic (Catholic) teaching on Moral Reason, defence of Free Will choice (facing its often dire consequences), and the odd notion of Restorative (not retributive) Justice as bedrocks of how human society can (actually) function well in a commonwealth. Good stuff; more please.

S. Barger says:

He lost me on porn and sowing Communism on US soil as free speech.

S. Barger says:

Godless man.

JOHN DOE says:

Nationalism Nazism is selfishness.. it's all about what YOU want. It's totally anti christian!! Because the bible teaches it's about giving and not expecting anything in return. The right wing death cult is Narcissism .. Globalism supports everyone, it's about peace and getting along with other nations. Trump and his Nationalism is tearing the peace process apart and turning our friendly neighbors into enemies.. Other countries actually hate Trump and this nation now.. So, your nationalism is going to end a short death.. Trump will be ousted! You only have 2.4m subscribers on here and you seem to think that's the entire United States.. LMAO Cold hard reality will soon come.. you will wake up and see your efforts were a waste of time and money.. I will laugh in your face… maybe even punch you in the stomach after.. hahahahaha 😉

Michael Hunting says:

Thing is it though conservatives we have morals unlike the communist and the conservatives fear the Almighty respect them communist don't even believe that there's a higher power that's the problem

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