Trump rails against NATO allies on defence spending

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U.S. President Donald Trump railed against NATO allies during today’s summit in Brussels while discussing defence spending. To read more:

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Christopher Hewko says:

Maybe we should leave Nato if we don't take our obilgations seriously. Sigh… I think we spend too little on our defence and have been for a very long time. I also think it's interesting that this costs money where as, aid foriegn powers is an investment. They are both investments. The difference is control. Canadians would control more of who gets the investment in defense with higher certianty. It's unlikely it will change, locally it's unpopular to think the way I do. Which is just unfortunate…

Junior Mase says:

Cut out nato, USA can survive itself. Trump 2020

Darlene Sjostrom says:

What!!!! It is the rogue US military that is ILLEGALLY in Syria, supporting the rebels against the democratically elected leader, Assad!
How is it that our national media has turned into nothing more than a propaganda machine!
Do some research! Look up a real journalist, the Canadian who is in Syria, Eva Bartlett. There are lots of videos on youtube with her speaking about Syria.

davesmith6661 says:

About time. MAGA

Dear Mr. _-isaiah- deringer;_ says:

It's time the US receives a liability rebate.
Any spending outside of NATO (exc. South Korea and Japan). Will be deducted not added when considering the NATO "contribution". As far as i can tell that spending on defending interest (as supposed to land) produces humanitarian aid and refugees and puts a big hair cross on the west. Liability rebate!

Ash says:


Da Ascn says:

Go get them maga

Peter Harper says:

The US pays out more in UN support than a lot of nations total GDP. I not sure why the issue of paying their 2%.

hiro0500 says:

so if no one pays or pay less, what will happen to NATO ?


Brilliant. Trump is destroying them by simply showing what frauds they are. How is the media going to spin this? Trump asks for 4% because he's a Putin puppet?

Daniel Maxwell says:

⚡️ President Trump is ending the war on coal.
⚡️ President Trump is destroying cultural Marxism.
⚡️ He's nullifying common core.
⚡️ He ended the Trans-Pacific Partnership
⚡️ He's de-regulating a bloated bureaucracy.
⚡️ He's bringing factories back to the U.S.
⚡️ He's ending illegal immigration.
⚡️ President Trump has busted 10,000 pederasts & pedophiles.

Cat Lady says:

Well if we weren't spending on illogical tariffs instead… Lol but seriously…
Trump's thinking:
Let's invoke national security as justification for tariffs!
Let's accuse same countries of not spending enough on military to be relevant to NATO!
Let's deny contradictory justifications for doing whatever serves me the most that day!
Russia and North Korea are fine examples and best buddies!
Worship me!

Dave Ktver says:

So the US is the ONLY country with greater military power than Russia and China…..and a bunch of people in these comments want the US to unilaterally cut back their military ore even disarm itself?
To see what life would be like with Russia and China as the ruling superpowers, how about an experiment….let's shut down all police stations within 500 miles of your house…you know, to give peace a chance.
After you're done living under "The Purge" for a few weeks, let's see if you have the same opinion about leaving Russia and China in charge.
You want security…surprise!!…you might have to roll back your smugness about your wonderful social programs and start paying for it.

Jj Smith says:

When you sign an agreement you are expected to live up to what you agreed to

Abebe345 says:

These guys keep lauding NATO but don't want to spend on military capabilities and find welfare States.

Ljiljana T says:

People hope ,it will begin a new peace's era after the meeting in Helsinki,which could provoke the end of Nato,as before Warsaw's pact ,too..
After the new Russia's nuclear defence are all military Nato 's bases around Russia and China without any sense.
Nato pact protects any democracy in the war,than has been provoking the war,only.

Elan Musk says:

Trump is Right ! Canada has not much of a Military . Justin is pathetic .

H Majhail says:

wow it's quite amazing how CBC allows comments on this video where they know that they will get alot positive comments (from their POV), compared to a news video where they disable comments and all dialogue like some sort of dictatorship. amusing since CBC is state funded.

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