Trump Stunned At What Alabama Players Just Did To Him In The Oval Office NEVER Done Before!

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Top Stories Today –
Trump Stunned At What Alabama Players Just Did To Him In The Oval Office NEVER Done Before!

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Trump Stunned At What Alabama Players Just Did To Him In The Oval Office NEVER Done Before!:

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Trump Stunned At What Alabama Players Just Did To Him In The Oval Office NEVER Done Before!:

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Lucy Eason says:

I live in Alabama and this doesnt surprise . We are living in the Bible belt. Lots of conservatives here. I am proud of our team

Ann Carter says:

When events like this happens I always remember and am encouraged by knowing that GOD is in controlled and will one day settle it all for those of us who honor and serve Him. I can’t wait. Hope to meet you in His presence!

Trams Am says:

God bless Alabama .

Sherry Gallo says:

Gooooo. Crimson Tide…yea Alabama..and YES God bless our president.

Shirley Schutz says:

Awesome young man, proved his love for God came first.

cbe3314 says:

This showed a lot of class. Very nice. It's how it ought to be! Until the one player spoke..and Tagvailoa made up for him and more. Good for him!

tonyspacemanable says:

I’m so sick of the lying, corrupt, butt hole Democrats. From what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to care about us or the nation. Their only goal seems to be screw with Trump every which way possible, that’s why I say “We The People” should vote all Democrats, all Democrats, out of office. Let’s see if we can get truth and civility back into politics, if that is even possible anymore.

CaAnPeSe4ever says:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is CLASS.

Bettye Bender says:

Praisedour God he is still in control

kennapop3 says:

I have found another NFL replacement team!

Pam Scites says:

This is the way players should act. Amen

Daniel Roig says:

Crimson Tide has class…a new fan.

Lois Plotner says:

What a terrible show of disrespect for our President

R. Wesley Rogers says:

What utter CRAP!!

Gary the Gman says:

Scarborough seems to be as ignorant as the Scarborough on msnbc that has a dog collar that his blonde dyke friend controls.What happened to these two rodents?

kck says:

What the Alabama team was trying to do is trying to do a exorcism on the president get that DEVIL out of him Trump is a evil spirit

Chesney Nichols says:

That's awesome needs happen more often

Tony McCain says:

Alabama State history towards African-Americans it is a racist state you have all down south states that support with the KKK support Donald Trump

Eric Gardner says:

This is a young man who was raised by parents who loved him so much that they took all of the time needed to teach him the number one most important thing of all; to have a close, personal relationship with Jesus, who is the ONLY way to receive redemption and salvation for our sins, so that we TOO can be in God's presence, as God, being pure, cannot have any sin in His presence. We need more men, and women, with the love of Jesus and God being embraced within their souls. AMEN!!!

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