World Cup 2018: ‘Let’s give them a heroes’ welcome’ – BBC News

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England’s bid to reach a first World Cup final since 1966 may be over – but these fans are optimistic about the future.

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Wayne Riley says:

heroes??? get fucked bbc

R X says:

Back to dealing with grooming gangs. Wait? What's that? You don't deal with them? Oh ok never mind

RedLooseefer Man says:

er for what? for reaching semi-final and possibly get their ass kicked by Belgium? physically stronger and fresher than Croatia but yet couldn't break them down? with the up front you have they should have scored more. England is just another overrated team along side Argentina. you should be thankful for the easy draws.

- - says:

they're coming home not its coming home

Jürgen Erhard says:

Last time they got that far was in 1990, and they could still get to third, that would be better than in '90.

Kimberly Faucette says:

First! ❤️ love your channel

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