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The United Nations and international rights groups are condemning the intensifying violence in Nicaragua.

Around 260 people have been killed in more than two months of protests to demand President Daniel Ortega resign.

The Catholic Church, which has been mediating between the government and the opposition, has also come under attack.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from the capital Managua.

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jj kown says:

baht .. How our country is being runned by murders and cold hearted leaders ..

Kron Hertz says:

Where is the Contras when you need them!?
Nicaraguans should start a campaign to fund for an armed revolution against their government.

AMÉRICA 1507 says:

Internacional gunteril rights are the most corupted organization to create violence in the World. If they will be spoken in behave of Human rights they would be unemployed. What happen in Yemen, what about in USA where 10 thousend people are kill every year due to gun shooters, what happen in México where clandestine burreis are found almost every day.

vinm300 says:

Why is S America full of $hithole countries and yet N America is civilized ?
Well it has to do with history.
N America was colonized by people who believed in liberty, law and representation.
S America was colonized by an absolute monarchy (Spain/ Castile ) ; in S America
absolute, authoritarian monarchy segued into military dictatorship.

Handel Somoso says:

As we get nearer at the Second Coming of Jesus, He said that “there will be wars and rumours of wars.” The signs are there and they are all around us. We are encouraged to Repent our sins and have a relationship with Jesus because He’s the only one that can save. Read the Bible because there’s hope, meaning and comfort there. God Bless!

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