🇸🇾 Syria’s Deraa: Regime raises flag in cradle of protest movement | Al Jazeera English

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Syrian government forces and their Russian allies have raised the national flag over Deraa province’s capital, which has been held by rebels for years. It is a highly symbolic moment in the more-than-seven-year Syrian war.
Major protests against President Bashar al-Assad first erupted in Deraa in 2011 and were widely seen as heralding the start of the conflict.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Zhodr reports from Beirut.

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Ambachew Abebe says:

Why does aljazeera's reporting sounds sympathetic towards the "opposition"? Can anyone tell me ?

Fawaz Thamer says:

I think there's no place for Syrian government after several violations in this war,UN must talk hard with high voice against this criminal Bashar Assad.

agung prasetyo says:


Javed Tahiri says:

Fuxk your revolution

mc coco 22 says:

Assad has won war with russia

Yani says:

Why you always say lies, you always believe and broadcast news from the people you call them rebels (and no body knows their background), why you always do that you broadcast just the side that you want the people to see and believe, on the other hand you don’t reveal the truth and you don’t show the second side, it is like you put your ppl in canal and you want them look straight don’t look right or left.
By the way it is syrian Arab republic flag not regime flag like what you say.

Bad apples.

NATO Spear Head says:

Al Jazeera is gloomy, negative.

Luca Mele says:

great infor

Serge Pajcin says:

Stuff with revolution you had life better before than now you just fallow usa and you will be in age stone

tom hugs says:

Here are some basic facts for Al Jazeera.
1) They are not rebels. You call everyone fighting the government rebels like HTS (the rebranded AQ) and Jaish Al-Islam (whose founder praised Bin Laden) rebels. Stop calling terrorist rebels.
2)Idlib is controlled by HTS, so don't title people talking from Idlib as rebel-held area, it is a terrorist held area.

666axis999- prophecy alpha-iota-omega says:

allah akbar


are they calling terrorists rebels? and a civil war a revolution? I thought al jazzer was against israel

Gustavo Monteiro says:


Truth Opinion says:

A country destroyed by foreign extremists! We have been lied to by the western governments and their media!

Jacob Kretan says:

He brought foreign forces to help him stay in power. I hope that this butcher will face justice for killing thousands of civilian and 50,000 children

LiveFromChicago says:

As a Syrian American Muslim, I am full of joy that the Syrian government is winning the war against these CIA sponsored terrorists. God bless the Syrian Army! ✌✌

LCarlTBM x says:

Why would you interview terrorist in the end aljazeera?? Disgusting.

Haris Ghayas says:

Nice, clean the city. Once again i want to see syria free. free from western wrongdoers.

Azad Afghanistan says:

marg ba assad iran aw amrica peace for syria dera manena

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