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US President Donald Trump said that he is “very, very happy” because NATO members pledged to increase defence spending to levels “never seen before”, despite denials from allies, such as France, that any additional pledges were made beyond previous targets.
In a news conference after a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, Trump said NATO members would increase their contribution at a “much faster clip” than previously scheduled.
“We made a tremendous amount of progress today,” Trump said. “The United States’ commitment to NATO remains very strong,” he said, adding that it was “much more powerful than two days ago”.
French President Emmanuel Macron, however, denied Trump’s claim that NATO powers agreed to increase their defence spending beyond what they had already committed, according to the Associated Press news agency.
Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from Brussels.

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ToFester says:

This guy is a pathological liar you can't believe anything he says.

rick al says:

I think USA should exit NATO. and Europeans and all the countries in the world should demand Americans bases off their lands. lets see who is protecting who?
. I am sure Russia and china are waiting for this, say good bye to American military might./ aircraft carriers are absolute, Russia and china can Destroy them 1000 miles of theirs lands . but do not worry America is gating great every time we kidnaped a Mexican and central American child from their parents.

rick al says:

my ignorant trump supporters, nato has not agreed to . the increased military spending. this year, the agreed to spend 2% of their GDP back in 2014. > no change was made despite tough talk by the orange man. in 2018. . My God you people are so stupid and blind fallowers. so lets fantasy that NATO agree to spend more. are your taxes going to be less. no stupid trump supporter . you are not rich enough.

GMG says:

So everybody else is now responsible for America's spending policy's?
Everybody else is responsible for America's Debt?
Trump HAS to waist all that taxpayers money on defence because the allies don't pay anough?
Are you crazy?
I can be a Ally, but you accept me as i am.
And stop fantasizing about defending the world………
As long as there are Americans, we will never see a peaceful day!

billy kobilca says:

Yes such the exterior showman, delusional to the end.
His psychosis is deep yo….

NATO Spear Head says:

No one agreed to spend more, they were forced to pay more. NATO members are weak, puppets us USAss.

Jgoldex89 Sunix says:

I agreed on same tariffs cost; however because of NATO and the cooperation of other countries this is only a way to block a dictator over taking control of other countries. Now Germany is being or having a deal with Russia that's on the German government and it's
If your disagreeing with the way leaders complain with trump, then picture your self not being able. to work with your family ,friends, community etc. Can we imagine when troops are off to Venezuela and wwiii finally begins.

Aaron Colusso says:

I do think Trump realizes the audience at NATO in Brussels aren’t the same hicks he yell’s at in the South of the US.

Kvyn Gmbyr says:

cocaine brain POS POTUS

hoonsiew yeo says:

This half cracked felt happy – some in NATO will die in conflicts for the AMERICAN GLORY – western Europe a conflict buffer zone American soil safe. US well known for HUMAN MANIPULATION AGAIN FOR AMERICAN GLORY. FOOLS – WORLD CHANGING – AMERICA FIGHTING FOR ITS SURVIVAL RECENT EVENTS PROVE THIS TRUE!!!!!

QORYOOLEY Qaran says:

What! Trump lied Again?

Dhiyana N K S says:

Serves these Warmongering Hypocrites right for creating a fake enemy to expand their Powers and Putting the entire region and the world at risk

Mike Bafi says:

Man putin is just loving this guy like hes causing problems from within the organization

Seelar Barhoum says:

شو الجزيره بتشتغل لحساب ترامب صايره


Trump lives in a world all by himself………….

Eddy Volt says:

Trump the King
of AssHolez!!

Arnold Davis says:

Child like President dump

Darren lim says:

Is he like in denial or is he just old and senile?

bulldogs7177 says:

Europe is not our allies, they are our dependents.

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