A Leftist Asked Him: “When Was America Great?”

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In a Breitbart exclusive — Ricardo Cardwell explains what his response was to a leftist protester, prompted by Ricardo’s MAGA hat, asking him “when was America great?”


mjs1231 says:

Now thats a solid statement. There seems to be something wrong with the left. Idk if its mental illness or msm / hollywood indoctranation. But there is a lot of weird shit coming from the left. They just parrot msm trash.

Mike Buttfild says:

Make Africans Go Away.. MAGA

Evalynne Torres says:

Coonery at it's Finest.

Zachary Dunn says:

Great to hear a fellow patriot! Could not have said it better myself.

Dean Long says:

I love listening to intelligent people speak. This man gets it and speaks it. Good on you, my friend.

utubetezza says:

A TRUE PATRIOT! Can we clone him and send him over here to the United Kingdom?

michal klein says:

Thank you! He was so moved by his love for our country, brought me to tears, beautiful!

alfred koenig says:

Well said sir, well said.

jediarco says:

God bless this man.

Ed Gentry says:

Who ever thumbs down is an asshole and they know it

Darren Williamson says:

I don’t believe the Civil War was over slavery, but it did result in ending slavery in this country. Even without the Civil War slavery would’ve come to an end. People were already giving up their slave holdings long before talk of war.

M.D. Behnke says:

Amen brother.

Rory Hawk says:

WE all need to listen to this proud American, God Bless him.

Just Lord says:

As a black man that loves this nation and voted for President Trump, this makes me feel good to see other black men who are not brainwashed by the left or have fell victim to this ruthless and monolithic plot against the republic and citizens of the United States of America. Mr. Caldwell we salute you brother. MAGA KAG2020

Dinahsoar says:

Thank you, for speaking the truth. You are a wonderful human being.

NuclearGrizzly says:

I'm surprised the leftist didn't feel entitled to call HIM a racist and white supremacist. Then dawn a black mask and try to murder him.

John Ratko says:

Like all psychotics, Leftists "think" with their out of control emotions.

nykka3 says:

Is he single? I have a few single friends who would be interested.

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