ABC News at Noon (13/7/2018)

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News, sport, finance and weather with ABC News at Noon, presented by Johanna Nicholson.
In this bulletin:
Opener and US President Donald Trump criticises Theresa May’s Brexit plan, claims victory after defence spending talks.
Government forces in Syria are retaking control of the birthplace of its uprising.
Australia’s migration numbers have fallen to their lowest levels in a decade.
The Prime Minister’s Office is now digital tracking its documents following the cabinet files breach.
Police are still searching a man and woman over the stabbing attack of a 16-year-old boy at a supermarket carpark in Sydney.
The federal government is being called to fund the asbestos removal.
Two men have been charged by New South Wales police in connection to the 2017 murder of a woman.
A huge explosion near the international airport in the Egyptian capital Cairo.
North Korean officials have snubbed a meeting with US officials abourt returning identified remains.
One of the British divers who helped recover 12 boys and their coach from a Thai cave speaks about the successful rescue operation.
An FBI agent who criticised Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election has been accused of undermining the justice system.
Charges against US adult film star Stormy Daniels have been dropped 24 hours after she was arrested for allegedly touching a man in Ohio.
Finance news.
A traditional owner says she is against a nuclear waste facility being built in South Australia.
Sports news.

Headline recap.
The suspect wanted by police over a fatal stabbing of a man in Brisbane on Thursday is responsible for sending a CBD street into lockdown in 2013.
Game of Thrones leads the nominations for the Emmy Awards.
Authorities say there has been a rise in scam calls about car crashes to mine for personal details.
A third of all teenagers under supervision are being treated for drug use.
More than two years after the Brexit referendum, the British government has published detailed plans for Eu relations.
Astrophysicists have found tiny ghost-like particles passing through the Antarctic ice.
Landline promo.
Weather report with Nate Byrne and closer.
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