Ancient Temple Discovered Inside of Pyramid That Was Damaged In Mexico Earthquake

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Archeologists made a stunning discovery in Mexico on Wednesday when they uncovered an ancient temple nestled inside an Aztec-era pyramid that was damaged during last September’s 7.1-magnitude earthquake. Scientists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) were checking for structural damage on the Teopanzolco pyramid in Morelos state, about 43 miles south of Mexico City, with a radar when they discovered the 20-by-13-feet temple.

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Free Lied2Bad DjKnowledge says:

All their lies are crumbling. They are gradually closing down the food chain stores across America. Are you prepared for any crisis?

boris Odor says:

Mayan culture had nothing to do with building those pyramids.. that was done thousands of years ago before them

G Worm says:

What happened to Mexicans? They used to be smart and stuff.

Troy Gardner says:

those stones with no gaps between, it HAS been explained, geopolymer… simple concrete, ALSO used in the pyramids. Basically cloth bags of concrete on the hardened layer beneath stacked on each other….instant wall. The mismatched sizes were also for handling earthquakes….our grid is highly prone to collapse on shaking (all the bricks are in freefall thus why earthquakes in San Fran was so messy, vs the blocks interlocking fighting to stay to gether tensegrity style.

Todd Fabyanic says:


Richard Pollard says:

I heard they would add a new layer to the pyramids every 52 years,,

Monique Hunter says:

Look up things like "secret passage found in old home." It's crazy, the stuff people are finding around old houses.

Rea Lachney says:

Great video! Always… ❣

Sandy Marshfoot says:

Nice. ❤❤❤

J.L. the Seagull says:

Dude this is so cool we gotta respect the people who came before they knew a lot of stuff

M. P. says:

Rome , Greece, Israel

Frank Yeska52 says:

The philosophy of the toltecs. Is the advanced stuff. The Aztecs were the last to arrive in Mexico they were only around for 200 years. Toltecs closer to 6000 years. Most monolithic structures were schools not temples

Eric Ride says:

Sure it can be explained. The Fallen 'Gregori' and their ilk (Giant children). In the Bible :>)

Gerry McNamara says:

Dahboo for president!
You goooo boyeee!!!

Saul v says:

I believe mud and sediment flowed over temples over the centuries and just covered the exposed tops of many of them. Much of them are buried to a point n others completely covered.

jaguarpawz says:

Orobkably goes back to TOLTEC OR OLMECS

van a dulles says:

Just had an epiphany. If the sea levels have risen 300 plus feet and the earth had a few global disasters the last 10 to 12000 years, the original sights would be underground. Just like many under water.

Wael Ali says:

the earth quake is to recover the ancient sites and so will happen many other places

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