CNN Lobbies Facebook To Shut Down Infowars

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After failing in its efforts to have YouTube shut down the Alex Jones Channel, CNN is now lobbying Facebook to shut down Infowars.

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Amos Moore says:

CNN Fake news at its best

Lilian Kuhn says:

We need to take to the streets by the millions. The communist left do it all the time. I will not sit here & let these bastards censor Infowars or anyone else. Is anyone else interested? Let's do it!


we are calling on CNN to be di$mentaled .. asap ..

4 gauge says:

Its showing 1.4K (Kilo) views here now.

james alexander says:

Create an app that isn't censored.

Jason White says:

Peter's smile says it all, he's trolling Congress.

pervysage says:

Time to make some crook's disapere in oblivilion !

Spherian7 says:

The same FBI under the Swamp critters Wray and Sessions that handled the Mandalay Bay situation, telling dozens of bald-faced lies and suppressing the fact there were three women in the suite with Paddock, etc etc etc and so forth.

The Red Pill Dragon says:

Leftist social media and news outlets don't believe in free markets or competition. They lobbied their way to where they are and now they try and ban us from countering them

morelanmn says:

How long will CNN stay in business?

1997 Heritage says:

This is the kind of content I subbed for.

satyaki sikdar says:

If Infowars is banned we will BURN Fake News CNN along with its anchors

TwazkemUSAbi says:

Cnn is a terrorist organization

Ako says:

CNN is fake news. Anything they say will never hold weight

Stalinx20 says:

Just ordered silver bullet and alpha power. This stuff works amazing

Flying Dutchman says:

Im lobbying to close down cnn WHO'S whit me ? .

Bruce Fisher says:

It's simply obstruction by the Democrats… They're the walking dead and they KNOW it…

Matt cat says:

Fake book, face news, fake fools.

Mitchell Albrecht says:

Sandy Hook Connecticut it was a complete fraud the local police, CT State Police and all federal law enforcement agencies are complacent in these terrorist acts against the people of the United States of America.

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