Communist China Officially Begins Censorship On American iPhone Devices

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Alex Jones breaks down how since the Apple headquarters moved to China, the company now has to play by communist rules, including China’s prohibition of the Taiwanese flag emoji.

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John 3:16 says:

Everyone Cancel Netflix they are anti-American

TheVocalMale says:

Fortunately I haven't used Apple products for years. If you want a device that 'rules your life' choose Apple.

Try and use Android and use an alternative software package. Get to know what's behind the scenes on your phone, don't expect your phone to be your best friend until you tweak it.

A Team says:

i know in 2012 while i was talking to people in china on skype, if i said anything wrong, my skype got shut off in the US.

Bryan Rector says:

Made in the USA. Not, Made in China. China is the Enemy not Russia. Ban all Chinese goods. Boycott China. China is using our money to build its Military, so they can invade us. Stop Now…!

Gavigg75 says:

Can't watch documentaries they all want to act like preach all primitive tribal people where all Socialist Communist I don't even think they no they're just spewing out propaganda I think it's just where they went to school and learned all wrong

Sebastian says:

Taiwan ( Republic of China) is the real China

ChaohsiangChen says:

I'm surprised that the flag of Republic of China was not censored in Taiwan as well.
Meanwhile the Chinese Commies are pushing their Huaweis and Xiaomis in international market to push Apple out.

Gavigg75 says:

No cable for many years now

Mayortwilleger says:

When MSM do an anti-infowars story, no doubt the curious will swing by and check your channel. Do a video welcoming the new viewers encouraging them to watch your videos and make up their own minds. They can either stay or go back to CNN.

alt ctrlesc says:

This is iphones… china. If you live in china this is an issue for you. Not a surprise, china sponsorship is nothing new. This whole segment is fear mongering

chuckk dees says:

Aahhh made virus to try to cause tensions over there …. Alex even reporting on this is suspect … normally he could careless about asians in general Hmmm

A3 Marketing says:

I may turn my Apple iphone in for an Android. Apple is really pis'n me off. Thank you for what you do Alex!

MC Wolf says:

People still rely on u don't ever quit, we know who the phonies R!

Brent Nokes says:

its all very annoying

austin Khoi Nguyen says:

I waiting for made in USA iPhone

JC JCC says:

Jordan Klepper is on meth

JC JCC says:

Has anyone seen what's happening to China's infrastructure? Karma baby karma is a you know what!!! They are experiencing the most catastrophic flooding and total decimation to there country in all parts flooding ,, it is catastrophic!!! So globalist is this your Utopia with your crumbling cities that staircases won't even hold up for a three to four year. At the most all infrastructures crumbling I guess only the dictators have the nice homes there the rest of their buildings their roads and everything are built out of shit .

JC JCC says:

They should shoot the blimp down there flying over London if they still plan on doing that ignorant thing with regards to London mayor Sadiq Khan… Go back to Afghanistan with your uncivilized rule.. Where you belong not in London

ice wizard says:

Alex man keep doing what u doing .

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