MUST SEE!!! Sacha Baron Cohen As CNN Calls For Infowars To Be Banned

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Alex Jones reveals how Sacha Baron Cohen, the political, provocateur filmmaker, attempted to infiltrate Infowars headquarters for a segment in his next mockumentary film.

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Michael Thompson says:

Alex you/ infowars should sue him for defamation of your show.

Terry Trump says:

The day CNN does not call for you to be banned is the day you should retire.

The Dark Lord of INSURRECTION!!! says:

CNN should be BANNED!!!!

Kane Huff says:

Let them put SBC front and center. You know he'll go too far and make their side look grotesque. His shtick was funny 15 years ago but now it just looks desperate and childish.

Anti SJW says:

(((Sacha Baron Cohen )))

djSDADD limited edition says:

CNN are war criminals.
Name a nation worth a damn economically or militarily that a company could propagate deceit about the very nation they reside without being slaughtered by the military? The U.S. apparently.

Ronnie Ray Avila says:

Sacha Baron Cohen F r * * k F a k e N e w s. IT'S ALL ABOUT INFO..

Michelle Millington says:

Who tells these people that they are funny. I just do not get it. We are too trusting of and loyal to Infowars. CNN's ratings that have come out show that they are literally behind the FOOD NETWORK…they should really worry more about their ratings, because if they were to do that it would just cause a storm.

wozadamada says:

Why has CNN et al not been held accountable for blatant lies? Why have the American people not called for CNN to be banned?

Tony Anderson says:

If they ban it we shall go to radio

tactical operator says:

If anything they need to be banned

4 Fake says:

Fake news CNN should be shut down

Gina la hue says:

I call for CNN to be cancelled due to its extreme fake news.. boycott CNN Clinton National News..

D33Lux xx says:

Liberal are parasitical, its one of the symptoms of psychopathy.

Scooby Deaux says:

That's the best they have washed up Bruno? CNN is kicking and screaming on its way out.

100Davros says:

(((Sacha Baron cohen)))

Alexandr Nita says:

I am sorry, but you lost Alex. All of you – you LOST. 2 more years and Trump is out. He will not be re-elected. And that is that. 🙁

traceadams67 says:

CNN propaganda pigs.

Angela says:

When he said he was in high school 27 years ago I didn't believe him. Looked it up he's only 44! Shit he looks old!

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