New Road Signs Can Detect Mobile Phones Are Being Used In Vehicles

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Road signs that know when a mobile phone is being used in a moving vehicle are being installed in Norfolk, in a bid to tackle usage behind the wheel.

The system, which can tell the difference between active phone calls and other activities based on the strength of a signal and how long it lasts, flashes up a red warning signal to drivers when it detects a call.

The technology cannot yet log number plates or be used to help catch offending drivers, but it is hoped it will act as a deterrent.

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Quinn J says:

A new reason to drive with a carton of eggs in your car to be able to throw at it…

Lotusrk123 says:

What's a mobile phone? I don't even listen to the radio.

Patrick Ellis says:

Hey dahboo, I know you're interested in Antarctica, heres a new story about there check it out… this could be why every country wants to stake a claim there

Lilly Branyan says:

What about the other people using phones in the car.

Jd Money says:

I hate ppl texting and driving.

Andy Thrasher says:

Damned lizard ppll and their entrapment sting devices. This rubbish needs to stop .

Reeboks Plez says:


mspixiedust100 says:

It was probably for Obama as he is still on DC

majinwarwulf says:

I'm sure you know, but the claim of safe driving is the cover story to put up a bunch of stingray type devices.

huntlywestside says:

DAHB007: The question is if the person sitting next to you is on the phone, are you libel for fines.

P Ward says:

If people started leaving their phones turned off, at home, the authorities would not be happy.

Anne Bradley says:

Looking forward to your live broadcast Friday, tomorrow night. Thanks, Dahboo.

TornLegorf says:

Hey now the towers that look like trees and such are nice. They beat those ugly industrial looking ones.

Jewel's Box says:

They don’t care about our lives. They just want an excuse to zap us with stronger WIFI and tickets in the future.

American Law Dawg says:

Dude, it's not even in the United States so who gives a shit? See the license plate? Does that look like a United States plate to you?

J.L. the Seagull says:

man theres a right way to tackle problems and a wrong way

I think theres gotta be a better way

isabel Hughes says:

Bullshit. GTFO. How fucking dumb are you too believe this horseshit? Come on stop being a fucking click whore.


I thought of this idea already. So many dip shits on their phones while driving.

athena smith says:

So now ur passengers can’t use their phones while u drive?

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