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Alarm Guy says:

"Let's show everyone how unbiased we are by showing everyone how biased we are".

Joe Nuxhall says:

I hope someone catches Watson Coleman by the toe, fucking stupid Savage

not tom cruise says:

Looks like that old bag came to rant about her hatred for Trump. She’s off her meds

rose gligorich says:

Liars, liars , his eyes are on fire

Shannon Ramos says:

How come no one freaked out on her??? Oh, that's right. Everything democraps say is gold.

2532robh1 says:

That swamp creature bastard sure does have a smirk. Where do the dems find these people to be in congress. Oh yeah, New Jersey. What an idiot she is.

Jason Lagud says:

Also I'd really love to wear a Trump shirt but I dont want to be attacked or the victim of an assault. I want The Russian Bot shirt I know I can wear that without the possibility of ending up in the hospital or dead.

Perdido Atlantic says:

The Dem response here remind me of the Manson trial when Manson’s “girls” would stand in court & scream to disrupt the proceedings. What’s next? Will the Dems shave their heads and put swastikas on their foreheads?

Jay Way says:

Shes like a mad demon talking look at her face !!

Ricky Joyner says:

That freak show yesterday was an embarassment to politics anywhere in the world. The smirk on Strzok's face was enough to piss any rational human off. Louie was the only one with balls enough to try to wipe that smirk off. Strzok is as biased and corrupt as a human can be. I never thought that so many of our congress men and women were that far in the loonie bin. This is a worldwide embarassment for the US.

xConundrumx says:

Is someone a witness when they refuse to answer to congress? Or are they a traitor?

Jae Dean says:

Absolutely amazing just how ignorant stupid lost idiots are. The dumbing down of Americas left leaners worked very very well. Now its time to finish em off with the total scrambling of the brain labotomy.

dieselrotor says:

Funny how it's crickets while Dems smear anyone who they want.

Joe Medrek says:

Watson knows who is fit to be president? She’s not fit for Congress, or is she?

Jay Way says:

Shes a witch look at her hand gestures…

CarlTheCuck says:

Is anyone else seeing horns on Strzok?

CONDOR 6 ONE says:

How the Fuck is this Watson Coleman tyrant even in Congress? She's about as fucking retarded as they come! We could stop her talking with a rope around her neck!


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