“Unmask Antifa” Bill Promises Jail Time For Violent Left Wing Terrorists

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John Dukes says:

I'm glad they're finally getting theirs but this sounds sinister so now in the future if the right get fed up and fight back in the streets like these scum we can be jailed for years because someone claims we were wearing a bandana or something…

dave Giter says:

about time…. trump 20/20

Titanium Tiger says:

An inanimate object, I've said that for years.. " only a fool blames his problems on an inanimate object". Applies to lots of things

Margaret Brantley says:

Unmasking is only for Demoncratic use. effin hypocritical psychos

sonata54 X says:

What about "black lives matter"?,…These racist punks also NEED TO FACE JUSTICE FOR THE CRIMES THEY'VE COMMITTED AGAINST THIS COUNTRY!!!!!…HOOAH,MAGA!

Xavier Custodio says:

Only 15 years

Tallacus says:

Finally justice shall send these pro fascists punks right where they deserve

model nutty says:

dress like ISIS, die like ISIS.
edit: I didn't punch a face at all, I punched a spit covered rag.

Golden Apple says:

Careful what you wish for, you to may soon need a mask to protect you from state tyranny.

Anonymous Maximus says:


Stan The Man! says:

Here in canada we introduced the exact same bill Years ago. You cannot protest while wearing and mask and causing violence or a disturbance. When canadian antifa show up and do these things people walk up to the cops and let them know the laws and ask them why they are not enforcing them cus they comes with up to a 12year prison sentence the cops will not even speak or answer you. it all bought and paid for propaganda the cops know ahead of time and are told to Stand Down. its disgusting and noone gives a shit.

Golden Apple says:

Get a grip buddy, the unmasking bill is aimed at everyone, not just the rabid left. (FACIAL RECOGNITION) Do you understand?

Johnmiccael1 says:

Awesome job Rex! I look forward to seeing more of your reports!!!

jy rogers says:

CNN is the tool of the globalist ! And antifas their terrorist !

Star Dust says:

They have very bad fitting clothers and look like they are carry a koad in their drawers

Sheep Dog says:

Yes, send the first 100 to gitmo if possible.

The J-Vlog says:

get off the internet until you can speak properly. The idea is correct but the delivery of the message is wrong.

soundsgood says:

Infowars attacks Antifa for distrusting the government? This is the baby Rex?

Cath Hall says:

I know they are a Soros regime!But it will fuel their cause against Donald.This may be a bad decision.Need to try something else.Your President is brilliant btw.Hes on our Island today! Ye ha:) Dont want to part with him.Swap you for Teresa May lol.;) X

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