🇳🇮 More deadly protests in Nicaragua calling on Ortega to resign | Al Jazeera English

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Four police officers and a protester have reportedly been killed in more anti-government protests in Nicaragua.

Thousands took to the streets again in several cities to demand the resignation of President Daniel Ortega.

More than 260 people have now died since the unrest began in April.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from the capital, Managua.

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Babatunde Famutimi says:

The president must step down.

And Roid says:

4th gen wars. Media doing what they did in Syria. Aljazera mercenarie, gtfo of LA

tillallareoneluv says:

Easy. Stop paying taxes. Businesses should stop charging sales tax. Individuals should stop paying income taxes. Starve the beast.

Blé Tv says:

11. You claim to be of Mahomet, Moses, Jesus of Nazareth while they are not your prophets and are no longer on the earth. How can Abraham Lincoln who died in 1865 be the president of the Americans today? Can a corpse be the prophet of the living? What is the meaning of this proverb?

Ben Challen says:

What's happening in Venusuela we want more on that

Nplos Le says:

Muerte a Nicaragua que viva Honduras

Serge Arthur Seri says:

20. And look at your fruit! Christianity has thousands of branches, Judaism has thousands of branches and Islam has thousands of branches, you split, you argue, you fight in temples, churches, mosques and synagogues to choose your leaders and yet, all three of you do not want a living prophet and you do not even feel the desire to have one. And you are waiting until I die for me to be a true prophet. To what paradise will you go with that?

viva padrepio says:

Maybe it's time for a re-make of the movie 'Under Fire.' 🙂 Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

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