America’s ‘Darkest Moment’: Judge Jeanine Drops The Gavel On Biased Russia ‘Witch Hunt’

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The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey interviews Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro as she takes on the bias-laden investigation into Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 Election, and she spares no one.

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Charles McIntyre says:

Crazy thing is, Leftists either can't see or refuse to see the corruption Trump is fighting. Much of the mainstream media reporting is either distortion, outright lies, or both. Many Leftists aren't lovers of truth.

Jj Tt says:

Judge *Jeanine*Pirro*, is TRULY an AMAZING American*SHero! A Legend, National*Treasure and More!!! Young, Beautiful, Highly Intelligent, Well Educated, Wise, Classy, + has Sparkly*Eyes and a Magnificent*Smile! As well, a Great*Personality and Terrific*Sense*of*Humor!! She's *God*Sent* and WE LOVE*her!!! THANKS, *God*!!!!! 😀

Arch Angel says:

Don't drink and post

Saint Michael says:

I love you Judge, but you need to ditch those “Harry Caray” glasses. Seriously, I was waiting for you to start singing “take me out to the ball game.”

Alf says:

After the creation of the Republic and the Constitution, I bet the Founding Fathers never expected it to turn into such a huge swamp.
Trump may go down as THE greatest President if he does manage to drain it.

John Ratko says:

None of this garbage needs to continue. Start busting crooks right and left. They're only disgracefully misbehaving because they're being allowed to mistakenly believe they're still in power. They deserved their wake up calls long ago. Give 'em and they'll get off the offense when forced to go on the defense.

Nita Peltier says:

Great success at NATO (President Trump's tweets on Strzok)

basant vimal sharma says:

A distraction from the actua biasedl FBI blunder in the Clinton e mail saga.

Sagnik Basu says:

All the protests from the left since 2016 can be narrowed down to two primal reasons:

– Not being able to accept the result of a duly conducted election.
-Trump is a blow to their sense of aesthetics.

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