Founder of #WalkAway Denied Service At Electronics Store

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Brandon Straka, the gay former democrat behind the recent movement to #WalkAway from liberalism sat down with the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to discuss his campaign and a recent incident where he was denied service at the Adorama electronics store in Manhattan by an employee.

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paul nadratowski says:

Do you really think free press is the enemy of the people?

angel aar says:

He says to good people, i walked away from evil,. And now he supports it,. So i ask who is he???

John Peters says:

I don't know if Trump is for or against formal gay marriage. I'm not for it but I'm not against it either. But I'm for all people including gay people and I believe Trump is also. I just thought I'd add that perspective. Actually, I'd like to see the government get out of all marriage and not give government the power to sanction marriage. To Brandon: This hetero guy had an almost identical experience to yours moving away from the Democrat party. You're doing a great job speaking up like this. Agree with you giving the store name and respect your keeping silent on the individual's name even though he deserved getting his name and bad behavior broadcast.

Brian Smith says:

Obama entitled these idiots. That is what changed over the past ten years. Obama wanted this shit to happen.

If you put us all together you will find out those of us that are not crazy left or right have similar views. I believe that most of us are closer to the middle.

Allaric Harosyn says:

Thanks so much for doing this Brandon I and many other Americans feel exactly the same way as you.

Jason Moler says:

Fox did report on BO destruction of small buisness

Gary C says:

Adorama just lost all of my business!

margaret cundall says:


Jason Gorton says:

Despite what the media tells us, conservative activism is becoming more mainstream, and our message of truth is certainly a kick in the nuts to their system of lies.

Jason Gorton says:

There ought to be no American alive today who does not experience the profound conflict which is being waged in all 50 states 24/7. This is not just a culture war; rather, it is an epic battle for the heart and soul of the nation.

T Hyslop says:

This guy is a joke. A drama queen. He probably invented this to get air/camera time. Isn"t he an aspiring actor? Could not act his way out of a wet paper bag.

John Peters says:

Love him thank you sir

JoeEspo17 says:

don't you think this is less about the Democrat Party and more about outside influences like George Soros? It's highly ironic that the narrative concerning russian interference suggests the U.S.A. is at such risk of this external effect yet how many of these puppets and parrots even know who Soros is? and that those wanting "safe spaces" are so adamant against border security?

joe sarnak says:

Very good video, I honestly had given up hope on the millennial generation. You guys n gals had to go through indoctrination camps a.k.a. our education system. I am so happy to see great examples of young people willing to think for themselves and not fall to the extreme pressure of the "left" (Communists). I would never attempt to order people to believe what I believe, and yet we watch the new 'liberals" demand exactly that. Nothing would reinforce my faith in the inherent "goodness" of most humans, than to see each young person do research on the issues that are important to them and make an informed individual decision. The United States is a great country and it is not because of Government it is because of each and every citizen.

Harold Phoenix says:

ADORAMA??… I've bought from them online… Never again. sorry

Big Dawg says:

This guy is a American hero!!!!!

Michael Piazza says:

Welcome to the darkside. WE HAVE COOKIES!

Michael Piazza says:

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I have purchased from Adorama by mail before. Never again as I will now boycott them. The only way to get their attention is to affect their bottom line by taking your business elsewhere.

buatn says:

It’s like the civil rights movement all over again. Except the target is the Right. Crazy that the Demonrats can’t see what they are doing. Denying services, segregation, and condemning people just because of their views. Next thing you know they’ll be having separate drinking fountains and bathrooms for people that stands with the Right.

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