LIVE: Recap of President Trump’s UK Visit 7/12/18

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RSBN’s Alyssa Ashe brings you a recap of President Trump’s first day in the UK during his Europe tour.

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Bishop 2B3 says:

How funny is that photo. You have the most beautiful princess Melania Trump and then you have the "Red Carpet" May. May just fades away as the carpet in that photo. Not a good color choice. Super funny. Well President Trump did walk all over her at their meeting…

brasschick42 says:

Melania wears that dress, they have a son called Barron, he covers everything in gold, looks for validation at every turn- the stench of an inferiority complex of social climbers covered by the bravado of new money. Everything OTT, nothing with any class. Well at least Melania has left her nude modelling behind and wears clothes.

Bobby Belle says:

Stunning looks like Royalty. Such beauty. Such class. True Icon.

Laura Sentman says:

Our FLOTUS is STUNNING! Love, love, love her!

A Quality Imperialist says:

Pay no mind to the snowflakes marching in this pathetic excuse for a protest. Polls show that the majority of Brits think Trump should be here in the UK. Outside of London, Trump is actually rather popular. Don’t believe the Bias media, that all Brits hate Trump. Everybody I know either likes him or thinks he’s funny. The hilarious thing is, Trump won’t even see any of these protests, because he is not stopping in London. Looks like the cultural Marxists failed again.

Margo Miko says:

Melania looks like a princess. She's do gorgeous

Paul Temple says:


RaisedontheRadio says:

Melania looked absolutely stunning! Good Lord!

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