Tinashe Drops DISS TRACK Against Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons!

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Tinashe pulled a Taylor Swift and crafted a diss track that is totally aimed at her ex, Ben Simmons…and THEN went so far as to tell the truth about what REALLY went down between her, the basketball player and his new side chick!

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Summer Reign says:

Basket ball players suit this family , both vapid, boring, and think they can do what they like. CRACK ON! All of the men there with are taking the PISS! FUCKING BRILLIANT

Grace Payne says:

Nazariah Issac how do we know he was cheating these people put out what they think fans will believe. I don't condone cheating

Samantha Kelly says:

Blame the guy , don’t make the women go against eachother lol

Catherine Conteh says:

Let me give you a topic kendall dated justin and now she want to be the bridesmaids in the wedding perfect topic dont you think so

Kobe Won says:

The only people winning in this drama is kendall and tinashe this just makes her look bad

Brenda Chester says:

T move on if this is true.

Catherine Conteh says:

By the way you guys talk too much and where is the proof and stop tarnishing this poor girl name you all need to stay of this case and try to talk about something useful . kendall is known to be a whore period talk about that one even the way she is going close to hailey baldwin after she knows she slept with justin before talk about that it is a good topic

Perri N says:

Lmao that song is in no way shape or form a diss track.. y’all stay reporting shit y’all know nothing about.

Charles Murray says:

I'm a Sixers fan and Ben's 1 arrogant asshole but he's with the squad so I cant really hate him

Frusner Raphael says:

Team tinashe Ben was on her Instagram when he was still with Kendall and liked her picture then unliked it he still has some feeling for her and tinashe probably has a little feeling for him but she wouldn’t get back with him though cause he embarrassed her

Kristen Hall says:

Anything to do with the Kardashian/Jener family is just drama

Aida Dunbar says:

He is 21 and she is 25.There you go, more experienced in life.

Jasmin Neemann says:

I'm sorry but who

Heidi Kereama says:

Tinashe not stalking. Kardashian/Jenner's just filter negative things out to media, in these situations, to deflect the fact they go after 'taken' guys.

Nazariah Isaac says:

Okay, did my ears deceive me or did Ben and Kendall stir up some fake drama involving Tinashe just because they've had numerous encounters with her? And they're going as far as to bump up their security just to make people believe that it's all true? Uhhhhhh that's is fucking rediculous.

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