BREAKING: Anthony Bourdain’s FINAL Interview is Raising a Lot of Questions About His Death

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Katherine Lamb for Fox News reports, In an interview, published more than a month after his death, Anthony Bourdain called former President Bill Clinton a “gropey, grabby disgusting” person and slammed the Clintons for how they handled the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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Jeff Cardinal says:

He didn't hang him self

Jeff Cardinal says:

Yep hang clintons and friends.

Steve Siegelin says:

For all of you VILE MOUTHED KEYSTROKERS out in the comments just remember what you said before you slandered a dead man. KARMA'S A BITCH, and that bitch bites everyone in the butt.

Steve Siegelin says:

With what he had coming out with Elon I am pretty sure he was killed. Bourdain and Musk had a show in the works!

Bubbas Gift says:

AB was an spy. He got his burn notice

Imon2udude says:

Of course they murdered him.

Catherine McCandless says:

hello damn thats a scathing letter, those are screw you letters.

Catherine McCandless says:

he didnt kill himself, hes number 12 in the door knob murders, hello police dont you know there is a serial killer loose killing people with door knobs huh, hello police.

Kip's Journey says:

I can hear the commercials, but struggle to hear THE NEWS. Please turn up the Mic output.

J.T. B says:

I can't believe that he admitted that he voted for that f**** corrupt twat

J.T. B says:

That CUNT killed him

Mary Amezcua says:

I heard Kate Spade , the fashion designer, was also hung from a door knob…..she worked for the Clinton Foundation, she found out about the child trafficking and was going to the authorities.

Hollie Pierce says:

Someone took him out!!

Hollie Pierce says:

Im sad he's gone! Don't think he killed himself!

bodyworks20102014 says:

Just another good example the Clinton Obama Death cartel strikes again

hillberg100 says:

Hit by Karma and a Busma…. Arkancide

Paul N says:

Or he is just another statistic in the long line of good people taken by a lifetime of substance abuse? I guess everyone needs to create a narrative to explain the obvious, because the obvious is too raw for some to accept.

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