🇦🇺 Australia refugee policy: Five years of deterring migrants | Al Jazeera English

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It’s been five years since Australia toughened its already hardline immigration policy, sending refugees and migrants to remote prison camps on Pacific islands.

It has successfully deterred people from trying to reach the mainland by boat.

But refugee advocates say the human cost is far too great.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney.

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A Google User says:

How to get free benefits after reaching these nations?

azee azee says:

They have a peaceful life in iran. They choose to come to australia. There is no war in iran infact iran is one of the most peacefull country in the world. These people are definately not qualified to be a refugee. I can understand why people from afghanistan,syria and iraq leave their countries but not iranians. Australia must never let these fake iranian what so called refugees in the country. They must send them back. One have to go to iran and see that these people are fake as! I am not against genuine refugees.

Henrik madsen says:

Good job Australia others should do the same that will end the migration.

Steve Delahunty says:

Well done Australia

Gypsy By Nature says:

Yaaah lets go to Australia, Enjoy state benefits and Breed like rabbit or pig, create a population problem and make that a new Pakistan or Somalia, Then reject Australian law and demand own law and ask new Separate country. Repeated story always a new country

Murad Khan says:

first Australian also refuges to Australia ! in reality Australia land belong to Asia and indonesia and China in next 100 year million of asian will be in Australia and white will minority there Australia is not in Europe nor its own region it's in asia

Cora Ricarde says:

Australian are racist human rights has to see that.

Karate Master says:

Ironic that australia was originally populated by immigrants not only that but alot of them were criminals šŸ™‚

T CW says:

Australia is crying wolf , preaching human rights but violate immigrant rights in the own backyard.

Crow29Darkness says:

1,000 Asylum seekers fatally drowned at sea between Indonesia-Australia before the hardline immigration policy came into affect.

How many refugees/asylum seekers has Arab Gulf countries taken in? zero!

Grasshopper says:

The immigration problem starts from whence the country they came and that's where they should be sent back to. Only when they band together and fight back will they bring positive change and not be faced with leaving. Other countries can help in various ways once they have a footing but not carry them. They have to want it bad enough to do whatever it takes. Other countries should have a measured immigration policy. Some are good but too many and there will be short and long term problems.

Pakistan Defence Official says:

World's most racist country…

Augustine Sessay says:

God is ur strengths

PissMenn says:

Tens of Thousands still stranded in Indonesia as well. How cruel the rich Australia to not accepting them and let the poor-developing neighbor feel the pain.

HI LEE says:

All refugee has bring to conflict in Australian societies, and middle-class have struggle in government taxes policy for support refugee.

everton1michael says:

aljazeera conveniently omits the fact that thousands of people died at sea trying to get to Australia prior to this policy

J. Deen says:

Go and look up illegal Immigration statistics on an Australian government website. Most are from Iran. AL JAZEERA is pro Iranian.

Jinu says:

if australia accepts refugees, it ll b next germany…. indigenous people replaced by immigrants

Chetan Kendre says:

I don't get it everyone's blaming other countries to open it borders for human smuggling gang. Every where look immigrants problem. Best policy to control population growth other wise it is desperate attempt to ignore root cause.

Sunglass Shinpan says:

Keep them on the island, or SEND THEM HOME!!

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