🇪🇺 EU hits Google with $5bn fine for breaking competition rules | Al Jazeera English

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Google says it will appeal a record $5bn fine handed to it by the European Union.

The EU says the tech giant used its Android operating system to cement the dominance of its search engine.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego explains.

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Takyi Kobbie says:

OK this is stupid… Its business… Without Google where WUD Internet be

Colin Messruther says:

Hang on !!! I,m British so why am i forced to accept EU rules !!!

sajid akram says:

Google makes 5 billion dollars every two weeks

trifulquita15 says:

5$ billion…National debt of Bolivia

JackofSpades says:

5 billion dollars isn’t much to google.

da Revo says:

Shows exactly why Europe is going extinct

Zhang MengZhuo says:

NATO will substantially increase their military budget by this $5bn.

Roy D says:

EU idiots have done it again!

exile 5707 says:

Enemies fighting each other lol.

Clara Clarita says:

Do it again.

Esteban Dolero says:

Google and facepoo has been ruined the media industry in Australia using news free without pay a cent.
Is time for Australia to do the same.

mubariz salim says:

Death Penalty for Facebook Inc.!

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