🇮🇱 Israeli Knesset passes Jewish nation-state law | Al Jazeera English

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Israel has passed a law that, for the first time, declares the country to be “the nation-state of the Jewish people”.

The legislation also downgrades the status of the Arabic language and encourages the development of Jewish settlement.

Al Jazeera’s Joao da Silva reports.

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mrkjsmooth16 says:

Now all Jews can go live there now

Yusuf A says:

What the fuss.Israel will be always our Jewish state.The Land of Israel will always belong to the people of Israel.

John Milonas says:

This is so wrong on so many levels.

Henrik madsen says:

Israel is a jewish nation so what fence the arabs in..

Vir Quisque Vir says:

The Germans said: "Juden raus!". The Jews say: "Palästinenser raus!".

طرد الفلسطينيين! תעיף את הפלסטינים החוצה!

Nice. That is surely the way to peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.


. 'In reality, Israel was born on looted land and apartheid principal, and for the last 70 years it is existing using apartheid, barbaric and iron fist occupation of native land and lives. It is shameful that the civilized world is allowing such inhumane occupation for the last 70 years. The current changes in the laws will legally make Israel racist and apartheid nation. The democracy in Israel was dead long ago, finally now will be buried.

S B says:


Oussama Zgaw says:

Israil =isis terrorist state

Chris says:

And they continue to refine the dark examples set by their former masters in the Reich (a nation-state of the German people). In fact, they are the modern masters of such "thinking". How grimly ironic and saddening. The good people of Israel need to speak up and break this cycle now or, ultimately, face life as international pariahs (e.g. the Afrikaners). — a former US Army parachute infantryman with two post-9/11 enlistments

N Xarigow says:

These idiots money hungry men who joined their occupiers parliament, what did they expect from Israelis who believe stealing others land is allowed by his god, they say god gave us, and u sit with them in Parliament expecting to give u rights. They want to wipe u off from whole earth these men in Parliament trying they represent Arabs must have been ignorants.

Hedz Almador says:

Jews!? Hah what a joke! F off back to Europe you white skinned Zionazis

Devon Alexander says:


Louise Eberhart says:

Biblical prophecy being fulfilled !

Basest Warlord says:

Honestly wish hitler was successful

romerorick19 says:

Shame! Fake Isreal you will be judged for the filth you have done. Instead of returning the land to the Hebrews you turn more evil than you already are. The world knows the Kazars are not Isreal. You fake Jews are an abomination to the Hebrews holy Land. Y'all will be crushed.

Cynik says:

No wonder Polish people hate Jewish people !! You are rodents!

clavo says:

There seems to be a deliberate example being made that democracies can be run by the insane. The Great Creator can do math too. Logic and understanding are not the same thing. Logic is subject to understanding. The other way round is insanity. If 1 + 1 = 2 is the same as 2 = 1 then logic and understanding annihilate each other.

Animated Tigress says:

Sad that isreal is becoming a disgusting and destructive country.

jason morgan says:

Jews are treating Palistinians like dogs just like Germany eventually did to them with horrific casualties. What's the deal peeps?

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