🇮🇶 Iraq struggles with economic, energy crises as protests spread | Al Jazeera English

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Police and medical sources say at least 11 people have now died in protests in southern Iraq against the poor state of public services.
The unrest began in Basra last week and has spread to several other large cities.

One of the main reasons for the anger is the frequent power blackouts that are severely worsening living conditions. Some in Iraq are hoping that Iran can supply them with electricity via Iran’s national grid, prompting Saudi Arabia to offer aid.

The government in Baghdad is racing to find a way to meet some of the protesters’ demands for economic and energy reforms and bring an end to the protests before they turn into a large, nationwide movement.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports from Baghdad.

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Jason Yang says:

lol US result

tomasto says:

That should be american responsibility to provide energy to the country that since they were most concerned it about because there was need of 'democracy' there were weapons of mass destruction, their 'Tyrant Leader' who was needed to dethroned well you america you have made the mess you are going pay to one way or other. just look at the money the american Government has wasted on wars, what was worse is that there were little to no kickbacks, These Trillions spent on just single Iraq war could have changed America Infrastructure, roads, extreme poverty and homeless people problems. Americans! it would be real dominance when you would be easily be able to provide another country with your technology and not by bullying.

Y- Fi says:

These kind of issues can't be resolved within days … this is result of past corrupt leadership and war with Millitants that took their attention and energy…
Iraqis must learn patience bcoz they have always damaged their own country with stupid riots and anti-govt moves …

Ivan Drago says:

Iraq has oil alots of oil,. Why can't they creat they're own electricity,. I'm confused.

Arnold Davis says:

They have oil its corruption

shazi nasir says:

was irak war legal?

goli880 says:

Iraqis were never trustworthy they showed themselves many times

goli880 says:

why Iraq doesn't pay iran s money?remind me ukrain wouldn't pay Russia s gas bill

Ali Saleh says:

Where is all the wealth of old times? Stolen and rip appart by invaders who told the world democracy.

ุงู„ูƒูˆุงุฑุซ ู…ู† ุญูˆู„ ุงู„ุนุงู„ู… says:

I am iraqi . And i am alive…….how

Bitcoin School says:

Once a mostly secular country, now divided by hate and religion and corruption. Its 2018 please! Where is all the money going? Iraq has many unemployed young engineers and still look for outside to bring out the oil combined with the massive corruption.

Joseph Ybarra says:

You know what they are not telling you about this crisis? The Iraqi Government outsourced work of their oil fields to China. In other words, Chinese workers are building and working the Iraqi oil fields while your average Iraqi citizen is living in poverty.

ุงู„ู…ุฎู„ุต ูู‚ุท JESUS says:


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