🇵🇸 🇮🇱 Hamas defiant after Israeli threats over burning kites | Al Jazeera English

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Hamas says protesters sending burning kites into Israel have a right to continue, despite Israeli threats to stop them.

Israel, which has intensified its blockade of Gaza, say millions of dollars worth of crops have been destroyed on their side and further attacks will not be tolerated.

Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from Gaza.

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Haris Ghayas says:

Israel still occupying palestinian land and kites and balloons they don't want!

sound bite says:

Talmud law, law of isrhell, disgusting, oppressive, filth.

CoolhandLukeSkywalkr says:

The Islamic invasions, conquests for foreign land in the Levant, have caused so many problems. March the Arabs back to Arabia, where they came from. Build a wall to keep them out. Gaza is ancient Jewish homeland, it belongs only to the Jews. The Arabs are squatters in the Levant, genetically, they are from Arabia. Jews are actually from the Levant, so if we gather back in our homeland, we can boot out the holdovers from the Ottoman empire, just like Spain and Greece did.

Rakib Hasan says:

Palestine will be free

Mohammed Saleha says:

I love pleastine and hamas

George Kellogg says:

So the fire from the bombs the Israelis drop is peaceful too? Napalm is fair game homie? These terrorist are a joke, I hope they start drone striking the people flying the kites. Anyone around him with the blast range of a 2000 pounder is aiding and abetting.

Tejas Mohite says:

If israel created hamas , so israel has sole right to destroy it .game over

cryingondamofukabeat O0 says:


umakemesmileswackin says:

i would fly kite towards gaza

i hope they will be burned too


Palestine will be free

MelodicNostalgic says:

No respect for people who hide their faces..
Cowards !

Peter-john De Jong says:

Palestinians destroy the land, israel belongs to the hebrews, they take way better care of the land, animals and the infrastructure.

colt45 says:

Is that a f16 dropping napalm .no its just a peaceful protest.

Master Tank says:

Can anyone help me understand why a full blown insurgency hasn't broken out in Israel.
Like it does everywhere else

OlJeffy says:

Outlaw male genital mutilation. That will solve two problems at once!

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