🇹🇭 Thai boys go home after ‘miracle’ rescue from cave | Al Jazeera English

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Twelve Thai boys and their football coach have been discharged from hospital, a week after a daring rescue operation saw them extracted from a cave where they had been stuck for more than two weeks.

Dressed in football fatigues and looking healthy, the “Wild Boars” football team spoke of their “miracle” rescue at a news conference on Wednesday, their first public appearance since getting trapped.
The survivors said they had no food, with one team member saying they “drank water that fell from the rocks” until rescuers discovered them.
Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Chiang Rai.

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Long Kim says:

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Suteera Tak says:

The art work looks amazing!

Arnold Davis says:

They are famous for being stupid a man lost his life because of them

Justin Wahid says:

They missed the world cup

c ss says:

R.I.P to that brave Thai diver

Claudia Holmes says:

I am an American in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was glued to the news throughout this ordeal.
I mourn the heroic Seal who gave his life for the team. And I rejoice with the survivors.
Elon MuskRat doesn't deserve to speak the names of anyone involved with the rescue. He's a narcissistic jerk.

Big Hairy Balls Plopped Menacingly On The Tablet says:

A British guy saved them all and yet, was dubbed "pedoguy" by Elon Musk. A douche who tried to PR a blow-me-up mini-submarine. Just like his Tesla catch-on-fire cars.

John citizen says:

Next time don't walk around the DO NOT ENTER signs.

المخلص فقط JESUS says:


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