90 Day Fiance Danielle And Mohammed

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During the episode, fans watched as Danielle met with her court liaison, Linda, to discuss getting Danielle’s marriage to Mohamed annulled. Danielle and Mohamed had never really given fans a straight answer about their sex life (or lack thereof), at least not until this episode, when Danielle had to tell the truth to her legal liaison.
Linda tells Danielle there will be a court hearing held before her annulment can be granted. She also states that if Danielle wants an annulment as opposed to a divorce, she will have to “prove grounds for an annulment.”
Danielle said she listed ‘fraud’ as the reason for the annulment, but Linda isn’t sure that will be enough to get Danielle the annulment she wants.
Mohammed stated that Danielle had threatened to call immigration and get him deported if he did not continue to have sex with her.


christieomojo says:

The thumbnail is cracking me up does anyone know why her face twitches like That ?

B says:

Does it really matter if her daughter is gay or not?

MiamiPush2theLimit says:

She’s so gross. There so many problems that she needs to fix in her life. How can she think of marriage at this time in her life??

leaaaaah78890 says:

Those women at the bar are loose…wow. He said he has a fiance and they still go for it smh disgusting. The way I see it, if a man makes it obvious that he's not interested and that he's in a relationship and a woman still tries he doesn't have to be respectful.

neshiap 123 says:

She know better get a dress appropriate for your age

Amila x says:

Look guys


Dearly narwhal says:

Is her daughter gay? Transgender? Or what?

kasia rybczynska says:

You are right son of Danielle

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