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It’s been five years since the Australian government began refusing mainland resettlement for asylum seekers detained at offshore prison camps. Supporters of the government’s hardline stance against illegal immigration say the policy has successfully deterred people smugglers and illegal boat arrivals. But human rights advocates say the government has created an inhumane system of indefinite detention for people already escaping persecution. We’ll discuss conditions at Pacific Island prisons including Manus Island and Nauru and ask whether asylum seeker policies need to change.

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Eric Smith says:

Bring back white Austalia policy

Kyle Lopez-Vito says:

Lol at these refugees and asylum seekers being picky about which countries they want to be in. Beggars can't be choosers. Heck, I don't live in a first world country and I wouldn't want the world's scum entering, let alone live permanently, in my country. Most of these scum don't integrate well or at all. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

The only conundrum at the moment are the wealthy Chinese who aren't keen at integrating too deeply either. First world countries such as Australia and Canada make it easy for them to migrate to their countries through "investment/investor visas". For instance in Australia, if you've invested at least $1,500,000 there and have on-going business or investment activities, they'll give you an investor visa which guarantees permanent residence in Australia so long as the visa is effective. It's pretty much buying your way to fast track Australian citizenship.

Gurl EYee says:

What about seeking refuge in ANY of the 56 islamic countries?

NovemberTheHacker says:

God bless the immigrants of Jihad!

TheRoyce4 says:

Qatar govt propaganda. How many refugees does Qatar take?
Oh, that's right, none.
Aust refugee intake is 19,000 pa for a country of 25million is a generous ratio.

Nuru Tejan says:

One day God will solve this problem. Those big economic nations that are driving/refusing people to enter in their countries will one day migrates to those poor countries for safety.

Nuru Tejan says:

One day God will solve this problem. Those big economic nations that are driving/refusing people to enter in their countries will one day migrates to those poor countries for safety.

Mick Hansen says:

I wish they would be like that in Europa !

asgerv says:

Is this what you call journalism? Unsubscribed.

Mark Simpson says:

John Howard LNP war criminal started this rot 17 years ago to win an election (see Tampa incident), worked out for him…

1294DS says:

As someone with experience in both Europe and Australia I'd say YES. Australia only takes in people that benefit Australia unlike most European nations who take just take in any random person who rocks up.

Many Turks, Arabs and Africans in Europe are seen as problematic and form gangs and don't fit in as well in the host countries. Even though Turks, Arabs and Africans in Australia are also seen as problematic they're not as heavily demonized like in Europe and are more well off. Most Nigerians, Pakistanis and Turks I met in Europe came from poor rural backgrounds and struggled in their new societies. The Pakistanis, Africans and Turks in Australia are younger, better educated and aren't as involved in gang and crime like their counterparts in Europe.

There's a reason why France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden are struggling with integrating migrants more than Australia.

Europe in general has always struggled to integrate migrants because of the kinds they take in. Australia has done it right and has taken in only people they need while having highest immigration intake in the Western World.

errol m says:

Hard to be impartial when even A.J. won't call them out. I suspect it was all a scam by higher ups in Indonesia and others.Money talks and bullshit walks. Tired of others talking bullshit, and using Australia as a dumping ground . Plus, these people aren't immigrants. That would, and does elicit sympathy
. They are economic migrants, who destroy personal documents,so as to avoid detection. I dare you to use that term when discussing these individuals. Illegal or economic migrants. Guaranteed to lose you an audience. So don't expect you to do so, after all you're just another media organisation who's bread and butter is THIS GARBAGE!

Ebrahim Mohammed says:

lol cuz of their bad history towards the original people they act in a bad way

Satya Murthy Mk says:

WARNING TO AUSTRALIAN GOVT. BAN POPULATION JIHAD. Muslim families should not have more than 2 Children. If they have more than 2 Deport them . Ban Madrasas. Ban hatred speech. During Friday prayers Police must watch. Ban Conversions. Ban Hijab.Don't give any Subsidies.

Satya Murthy Mk says:

CONGRATULATIONS TO AUSTRALIA. WE APPRECIATE YOUR WISDOM and VISION. There are different types of Jihad. IMMGRATION JIHAD AND POPULATION JIHAD ARE VERY IMMPOTANT AMONG THEM. 1300 years back they used same MIGRATION JIHAD to Conquer INDIA. After entering your Country, they produce Childrens like devils. Ban Conversions to Religion of Terrorism. By the year 2040 they want Conquer the whole World.

My Urban Exploration says:

As an Australian. Yes, I know this policies is harsh, but my country taking in refugees is one thing. However we do not want refugees to come here with the additional risk of coming by water given what they had to deal with in the first place. Also we don't want people in south east Asia to take financial advantage for other people suffering by offering to supply boats to come here.

Julio Giron says:

And when Saudi Arabia Will star accepting migrants & refugees from the war destroyed countries. Wars fueled, financed & man powered by them

Julio Giron says:

6,000 Christian were just murdered in Nigeria by muslims! ¡And yet they complaint when they are denied the free stuff they demand

Antwone Jackson says:

I am from canada and want to go to immigrate to australia legally.

Hanah Gray says:

Let’s be clear. Economic migrant does not equal refugee. Asylum seeker does not equal refugee.

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