Bill Blair talks Trudeau cabinet shuffle

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Newly appointed minister Bill Blair talks about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle and the challenges he’ll face as minister of border security and organized crime reduction.
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Kip William says:

The Trudeau Liberal era is coming to an end for very valid reasons. Massive mistake to allow the most unpopular police chief in recent Canadian history to formulate policy, while profiting in the drug trade. That itself is a gross conflict of interest & a total insult to the 95,000 Canadians that lost business & jobs working in independent owned medical dispensaries across Canada, including the 10 that existed in Regina. For someone that was famous violating the rights of untold thousands during the G20, he would be the last on my list to be a cabinet minister, especially since he has financial interests in that portfolio. Shuffling the deck is no different from shuffling the deck of the Titanic, we’re on a sinking shift period. Quite impossible for people to respect current government when ministers themselves lack moral credibility. Under normal laws Bill Blair would of been sentenced to a jail term, but it truly is the end of the Liberal era because they failed to understand Canadians.

Gordon Mohr says:

organized crime reduction………………Billy, you can start wtih the liberal party

keith crozier says:

Mix a bowl of crap and it's still crap.

J K says:

All losers.

Tron Nort says:

Trudeau just hiding his Muslim boyfriend from the harsh criticisms and memes of the scary Internet.
Showing confused Canadians a friendly white face to quell their angst. "See Canada? It's going to be okay." He will whisper in your ear with tears in his eyes.
Any questions launched at Blair will be met with a rocket blast of deafening silence. They will easily be able to slip another 100,000 illegal strangers across our border before election time.
Their human-trafficking-for-votes campaign will continue. The people will continue to be called Islamophobes, racists, xenophobes, and un-canadian the whole time.
They will pat themselves on the backs and smile and thank Canadians for making this all possible and voting in favor of their culture's own demise to rescue a handful of Syrians and Nigerians and ms13 gang members from the horrible upstate New York area.
They will thanks the RCMP and the CBSA for looking the other way and refusing to uphold Canadian federal law.
Trudeau will be paid handsomely by his good friend the Agha Khan for every Muslim who makes it to Canadian soil while Canadians will pay the Muslims handsomely from their CPP funds to set up no-go zones somewhere out near Aboriginal lands.
Trudeau will build houses, for the Muslims.
Trudeau will create jobs, for the Muslims.
Trudeau will tell is terrorism is part and parcel with living in major international cities.
I Am Canadian!!!

Nancy Anthoulakis says:

Blair, yes, be efficient! Build a wall. Remove all illegals through this hole and send them back to where they came from. They are NOT our responsibility. Doing the right thing…is taking care of real Canadians FIRST. Question, Blair: would Christian white Canadians be welcomed in the thousands, and given citizenships immediately in Somali?? How about accepting thousands of white Christians into Arab countries?? Why aren't THEY supporting these migrants??
Our own homeless are dying, while Canadians are forced into paying for ILLEGAL people in hotels that we cannot afford. They must be deported and then, Globalist Trudeau can then help his people in their own countries, from his own hugely increasing Trust Fund.
Blair, Doug Ford is amazing, very intelligent…he can advise you.

Noy Tanks says:

So the Immigration Minister is still that guy from Somalia?

James Parker says:

Bad cop wheres his turban

Jedgar says:

Answer the question Blair. Do you or do you not think illegal immigration is a problem. Geez … he is reading from the Junior Trudeau handbook of evasion.

TheColonelKlink says:

Still too many white males (except Prince Justin the Cucked). CBC remains displeased.

Alan Dickman says:

Can anyone liberal answer a question

Dwayne Johnson says:

This whole government is incompetent. Worst Government Canada has ever seen.

First Name Last Name says:

All the comments below about Turdeau losing the next election is a dream, not a reality. People in this country are easily fooled by the flash of the Liberal magic wand. When elections near, Liberal's will offer more social programs to the freeloaders, more money and tax breaks for single mothers, more of everything for aboriginal's, and of course the illegal immigrant's. Lets not also forget the reason he won the first election…..yep that's right, Canadian's #1 priority…Cannabis!!!

Dawn-marie Pearson says:

Bill Blair is a "Soros Puppet"!!!

C L says:

Say a lot and do absolutely nothing. The Liberal way. Bill Blair was a horrible Chief of police and hes only cementing his legacy here. He personally green lighted over 2 million dollars in wasted money to try and fry Rob Ford. The G20 and the fallout was on his watch. Hes a disgusting partisan hack. Canada is in big trouble.

Jeff Bryan says:

How come the comments are disabled on Retardeau's grope vids?

Jeff Bryan says:

ILLEGAL MIGRATION …. ILLEGAL MIGRATION … NOT… irregular migration…CBC has a BIG budget but NO dictionary.

schnuurtchke says:

If Trudeau wants to bring illegals here, he's more than welcome, but he and his cabinet have enough big houses amongst them to give them a place to live and have enough money in their offshore accounts to pay for their living expenses. Canadian taxpayers shouldn't pay a dime, it's Trudeau and company who created this mess, they should pay for it, not me, not you or our neighbours or the Syrian refugees who've been lucky enough to get a job. Also, remember for every illegal who lands here, there's one person who has wanted to come here through legal means but can't. The shuffle will do nothing, I won't be voting for this imbecile

Henry says:

Justin Trudeau step down.

Okanagan Dude says:

kokanee groper

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