Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques prepares to go to the International Space Station

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Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques is preparing for his mission to the ISS in November. He will serve as co-pilot for the Soyuz capsule taking the next ISS crew to space and will act as medical officer on the station.

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Issac Shrug says:

0:10 all they need is a green screen behind him and a million dollars.

Étienne Couture Caron says:

Très bonne émission

James Parker says:

Paid to jerk off in space

James Parker says:

Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tommy Robinson

Doug Miles says:

A better news story would be how people can think we live on spinning ball while every bridge, dam, and canal is designed for a flat earth. Architects aren't taught the curve. Water does not curve. Lasers don't lie. RESEARCH

Truth’s Got My Back says:

Space is a hoax. Look up Eric Dubay for truth about ‘space’. Rockets can’t work in space. There’s nothing to push against! They are stealing our money under the guise of ‘science’.

Tyler says:

Paid actor, this is well known stuff. Space programs are a hoax. You could solve the housing crisis with the money about to be STOLEN by the GOVERNMENT by pretending to send this ACTOR into "space". What's more important?

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