Doctor Who Official Trailer | BBC America

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This is gonna be fun.

The new season of Doctor Who premieres this fall on BBC America.

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Frost Inter says:

A breath of fresh air. Hopefully, the Daleks and Cybermen will take a break at least one series.

The Doctor Who Guide says:

Wow! That's got me excited for October! 😀

Amilcar Augusto says:

she reminds me a Matt Smith female version

Cindy G says:

Doesn't matter to me. Yes, I would STILL run with the Doctor! I would LOVE to be one of her new best friends! Oh, and I love her accent!

D.M.S. says:

Great now I develop the hots for a doctor…

scootyesman says:

Reminds of the friend-wanting Fifth Doctor. Good.

Jake Morrow says:

So happy, but just need to know one thing…WHEN? When is the first episode?

Alexis says:

Oh, brilliant!

Darkwintre says:

Better, sorry but that is better!

Mike I says:

omg please people, stop being such a mineerva! this looks awesome, high hopes.

Creative Spark says:

When the universe calls, The Doctor responds.

Dan DarcyJones says:

This looks like doctor who on speed aha kinda excited ngl

moolaflagga says:

Ok I'm in

jason andorfer says:

It should have been Sophie Okonedo cast as the Dr!

Stefania Colon says:

Now that Capaldi and Moffat are gone I can finally start watching this again :')

Jan F. says:

Yaaaaaaaaaas! It looks amazing!

The_Doctors_Tardis says:

Alright. I'm in. Please let the writing be good.

Peepod Humperdink says:

Bobs and Vagene

Notron says:

I'm soooo excited! Can't wait!!!!!

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