Does Facebook Have A Problem With InfoWars?

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CNN joins members of Congress in their quest to ban Alex Jones and InfoWars from social media platforms.

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Roman Darius says:

The ADL is Jewish Controlled. The Jews killed Christ! What did he do to them? Christ did nothing wrong, but the Jews stop him from speaking. There is No Such thing as Hate Speech, but if the Jews believe that demonizing another race is hate speech, they need to stop talking about the German Nazis.


Look some of your stuff is off the wall and some of it is pretty good but let me help you out man Obama hacked the elections Obama is a spy from the Russians he met Putin 12 months ago I thought you might want to know that oh and by the way Facebook took me off for 30 days for having Angela Merkel and Hitler together because their family I've been trying to save people's lives for 4 years and I've never seen anything like it Facebook will be shut down that's all I got to say we can start our own Facebook that's all I can say.

Liad Bar-EL says:

Truth will destroy Facebook. Alex, keep speaking the truth.

Roman Darius says:

CNN is fake news! ABC/ CBS, NBC are all anti-white. ESPN does not want whites in sports. How dare these people be allowed to say what they want.

Yamasaki Monsanto says:


antimatterfire says:

Alex's wife caught owen in a pink thong giving alex a blow job. Shes trying to divorce him.

Windows Tech says:

I support you and your channel but I don't support hate speech against Muslims. Well I m nit a Muslim, I am a hindu.

ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ Sage ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ says:

It's amazing how people can watch you and miss EVERY POINT you make. There are the puppets who repeat, and there are the puppet masters who PURPOSEFULLY misconstrue your words to fit their agenda. You're the most honest, passionate man on he air. You give the facts with links and evidence, and some of your personal opinions, but you're VERY clear when you give both, so it's intentional misrepresentation on their part.

Al cokayne says:

alex slap tge suit in to them .. we will back up anyway

Al cokayne says:

facebook had a problem with everyone

BlackAndRich says:

Facebook is a Democrat technology to protect themselves

Velocity4000fps says:

Thumbs up for chest thumping!!

ClonedfromDna says:

Please please please expose these lying puppeteers. Do not let them get away with this, kick there ass Alex

John Clegg says:

Facebook in many ways is a mechanism for people who crave peer acceptance.

Mike M says:

No congressman should ever have immunity ever trump must change this . But one thing is for sure Congress dont have immunity from they're bosses the American people and the constitution the second amendment. We the people will have every corrupt politicians globalists and the elite and democrats and liberals in every office in America exicuted under the constitution under constitutional law. Treasonous traitors to every American is punishable by death according to the constitution under constitutional law.

Dawn Hall says:

I cannot believe that I just watched Alex beat his chest like a silver back gorilla! WOW! Just….WOW! Don't go climbing the Empire State Building Alex! 😉

Zeke Rodriguez says:

Nearly Zero Facebook for two years, never been happier. Get off it now if you haven’t already.

oblivion tactical says:

Damn I loved that fish analogy!!!
Run bitch run!!!!

Mick James says:

Oh my God I love it. Alex is so great… Jesus Christ is with him.

hayesman76 says:

I was restricted from posting in Facebook groups today yet AGAIN with absolutely no specific reason given.

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