EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Gives Tony Podesta Immunity To Testify Against Paul Manafort

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Robert Mueller has given Tony Podesta immunity to testify against Paul Manafort in his phony Russia investigation in a blatant attempt to cover up for the Clinton’s crimes.

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rick rose says:

this is bullshit somebody do something

J F says:

Manafort has been screwed

Chris Calo says:

He gives immunity to fucking peadofile who kidnaps and kills kids

j Chin says:

Tony podesta has strange taste in art. Check it out. Is that normal?

Mark H says:

Come President Trump – declassify everything necessary to expose these monsters – this has got to stop!!!

marielucie masse says:

Tony Pedophile should be in jail for life

Molon Labe says:

How can Mueller give anybody immunity?

Lalartu Muš says:

And republiWIMPS won't do a damn thing……sad.

John Franklin says:

I’m sick of the Double Standard!!!!!!!

YouTubeSurfer says:

Tomorrow's news today!

Grace Pictures says:

Straight up coup going on before our eyes

whatmeworry for the people? says:

Shameful, when is the real investigation going to take place against the real criminals?

Quest 4 Truth says:

Wow. Why am I NOT surprised? This BS is hoing to be used to get some of these people from facing justice! I saw this as soon as I heatd about Mueller bs immunity deals with undisclosed individuals. Well, in the end, YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE JUSTICE!!!

Da Bu says:

Pedoesta gets immunity from what? How long are republicans and conservatives going to bend over and present their rears for abuse?

Denise Winterbottom says:


Dan Ruprecht says:

They're trying to get Trump to fire him.

Ben Hartley says:


Channon Townsend says:

Thanks Jeff sessions for refusal and aiding the deep state. Trump should've fired everyone when he started. Now if he would declassified everything but not, his advisors are covering the deep state. It's time for Trump to use the military to confiscate everything in the CIA, nsa, doj and fbi!

Katherine Pickard says:

This needs to be shut down now..

Shadow Censored says:

Tell us something new like cuffed and stuffed. Like that's gonna happen.NOT

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