Family’s $500k inheritance seized at U.S. border

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An Ottawa man acting as executor of a will says TD Canada Trust gave him “faulty advice” to mail $500,000 in bank drafts to family members in the U.S. — a move that caught the attention of U.S. border officials, who seized the money.

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Laszlo Zoltan says:

no one thinks he made and sent conterfets keeping the originals to cash in at his own leisure ? more convenient if US customs destroys evidence – how is it that customs were alerted to the contents of the 5 fedex'd envelopes to intercept and seize ?

Brandon Schleifer says:

TD Bank needs to pay big time. I say we fine them $100 for every dollar that went missing ($50million), because they need to be punished for this! There should be criminal charges too.

Alexander Wesner says:

It's now in China good bye money..

Gale Leitch says:

Anyone who has immigrated to Canada knows that smuggling money across the US and Canadian borders is a crime. So what's he up to and why?

Gale Leitch says:

This man smuggled money across the border illegally. There are laws about what you can take and send across the border and this man should have consulted US Revenue or Border Services before anyone else. Yet, he sent virtual cash across an international border! Duh.

Can he prove that he asked a TD employee that question?

Lance in Calgary says:

I don't endorse Crypto normally, but stuff like this makes a person think maybe it has a place in the world….

Mark D says:

You can't trust banks or governments….

OLDSKOOL978 says:

Just america being america….

Atinder Gupta says:

That what you get for listening to TD's financial advisors. Most of them don't even have bachelor's degrees.

zeezo69x says:

Banks are Ponzi schemes ran by Banking Cartels hat control the world.
I don't feel sorry for him.

JiM Beamer says:

Who in their right mind would take advice from one source and act on it … especially with this amount of money . Morons are always whining ………..

Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

Big question: Shouldn't the bank have notified him or fill out this declaration form?

Oscar says:

How you can expect anything different from United States this is what they do they steal your money they take children from parents and put them in cages. The definition of a shithole country I feel sorry for this guy I believe he never will see his money again

thinkofwhy says:


Stella Bar says:

TD is complicit by not informing the client. They can cancel bank drafts. That they cannot is a flat out lie. The money would go into a draft account and be held until the drafts were cashed. The us government could not cash them unless they were the payee. So technically the money is sitting in TD somewhere. Cancelling the drafts could be done and the money put back into clients account.

Jake Ralph says:

Took a page out of Morneau's book and got caught.

robertdmci says:

No one cares at the Bank, those people worked at banks are not qualified to answer your question relating to estate execution. Wire transfer is always faster and secure. You as an executor of this estate should know this complex issue, if you are not capable, pay someone to do it. You need to consult with an estate lawyer specialized in international finance and a qualified account has experiences in dealing with CRA and IRS. Put everything in writting! Get an attoney, you should get your money back in years and pay a fine for not obey U.S. law.

Lenard Segnitz says:

They mailed bank drafts!? Who does that in the age of electronic transfers?

While $500K is a lot for a few members of a family it's pocket change to multinationals. Multi-nationals routinely move $billions here, there and everywhere. Mechanisms for moving money have been in place for decades. How could TD be so negligent? They're in the business of moving money!

Raya says:

This is the fallout of what citizens have to suffer because of Trudeau's strident anti US statements

michael b says:

A Bank refund money ?? You gotta be kidding. They barely offer relief in the hundreds of dollars it is inconceivable that they would fork over 500 Grand. No chance for TD to step up.
As for US officials. I sense a new level of hostility to everyone as Trump madness permeates the culture.

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