Full Show – Democrats And Liberals Are Pushing For World War With Russia – 07/19/2018

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Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer break down how democrats and liberals alike are pushing for a new cold war- this time a hot one! President Trump put the embedded deep state and intelligence community elite on notice after his summit with Russian President Putin. Trump solidified his position by revealing his anticipation for a second meeting while adding the “Fake News Media” wants confrontation and even war with Russia. Also, the White House released a plan to train and retrain Americans for tomorrow’s high-paying and specialized industries. Joining today’s show is investigative reporter Jon Rappoport exposing the dangers of vaccines and toxic SJW culture. Furthermore, author and political commentator Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks down why the establishment media and deep state are furious over the Trump-Putin summit. Anthony Cumia hosts the final hour.

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Bruce Jordan says:

So many evil, "unrepentant" people on the edge of eternity. Scary place to be, is eternally lost without God.

chrisforester777 says:

Lena Dunham should French kiss a wild raccoon. Come on Lena, kiss the cute cuddly raccoon. They look so cute in all those Disney cartoons, don't they? Don't mind them when they bite your face off; they're just playing. Besides, you love it.

Seneka says:

Why can't people see, CNN is fake news, simple. They are scrum.

48laws Power says:

gotta love the O dawg

Trina Love says:

They will not shut you down Alex. Praying

Trina Love says:

They can't handle the TRUTH

Trina Love says:

Trolls out everywhere! UK attacking Trump supporters. Patriots.

Trina Love says:

You are defeated Satan. And your demons In Jesus Name.

Trina Love says:

God bless you Alex. Info Wars. Stay focused Alex. Peace. Pray.

Trina Love says:

God bless you President Trump

Trina Love says:

We The People

Trina Love says:

Our Republic. Our Liberties

Trina Love says:

America First

Hans Peter says:

withe out INFOWARS i woulnd have information

chrisforester777 says:

To Kamala Harris, 7/19/18: Regarding your email dated 7/19/18, I find a few additions are in order to your opening paragraph, if not the entire email.
With the cost of housing continuing to rise in California and across the country (due to leftist policies like yours), Senator Harris introduced legislation on Wednesday that would provide rent relief for Americans struggling to make ends meet (because of leftist policies like yours). The Rent Relief Act would create a new, refundable tax credit to put more money in the pockets of families at a time when renters’ wages have remained stagnant and housing costs have increased rapidly (due to leftist policies like yours).
(The money taken from California’s coffers by your Rent Relief Act will be replenished by industrialists in our state who are already leaving in droves along with the middle class who pay most of the taxes due to leftist policies like yours).

Alex says:


krisskross says:

Proud viewer of Infowars.
Proud Infowarrior.
Infowars IS the real news.

kobehal says:


wallywonks99 says:

Any News Anchor that makes over 100k a year is a paid puppet.

Manicks Channel says:

I really dont get Infowars fetish with fox. Fox news throws a couple blondes up there and does the exact same thing that was done in the hearings by lumping infowars in with holocaust deniers and Owen goes "oh I guess fox didnt really attack infowars okay thats why I dont really go after fox" Are you kidding me Owen. They lumped Infowars in with holocaust deniers just like at the hearing and it goes right over your head. Is it the blondes or what? Fox is acting more like infowars in order to cultivate the infowars audience for if/when you get taken down. Is Fox really that good that it goes right over you head or what?

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