Idiots Thank Muslims For Winning France The World Cup

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Paul Joseph Watson reveals how idiots on Twitter have been thanking Muslims for winning France the world cup, while blaming anyone but Muslims for terror attacks throughout Europe.

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Jimmy Rawlings says:

Dude quit if there French tip your hate

unknown says:


Juu Jika says:

WTF are you talking about
as a French I cannot understand…

Akhenaten ramses says:

the egyptian team didnt have even one christian, even though there are like 15 million christian egyptians

Wolfgang Von Blitz says:

I have for the last two decades. referred to the French Team as "The foreign Legion"

Imdb Truth says:

I can't believe 0bama has sold out to white supremacy!

salty french fry says:

I’m french and yeah, our soccer/football team is great the way it is, not the people who celebrated and destroyed everything that they saw on their path, but we are not gonna blame them because of "the way they are" we are just going to ignore their descent.
But yeah sure let’s highlight the fact that our champions had african belonging.

Barbara Clarke says:

no African country or middle Eastern country has ever reached a final of a world cup . guess how many times European countries have won the world cup. CASE CLOSED

olivier Bourrée says:

USA is in the last moments before becoming the most powerfull third world country in the world

da pa says:

mandela was a murderer terrorist..

Highbudget says:

Did Germany, Spain or Italy thank Christians when they won those world cups in previous years? This guys an idiot and doesn't make any sense

leon marcel says:

Obumba = BS !

w h a t w a s t h a t s o u n d says:

That 'Bama clip is from his recent speech in Johannesburg, South Africa. He's talking about Nelson "Madiba" Mandela.
Feel like you've taken it pretty far out of context for it to be about identity politics.
To break it down for you PWJ; he explains that democracy doesn't work, if not everyones voice is heard equally.
The 'White males' he's talking about were members of the oppressive apartheid government. Mandela was learning the language of the Afrikaner [non-native] population, because he knew they were going to be a part of the democracy Mandela hoped to build.

He was not saying, listen to the loudest white male around, and follow him blindly.

Still a poignant soundbite, understanding immigrant populations deserve to be part of a countries democracy and future. Definitely a moral in there somewhere

patrick n/a says:

no one clicked on this vid to see or hear that traitor obama

Chris Last says:

80% and 50% don’t match up. 130%??? It only goes up to 100%.

Rok mare says:

Then why didn't the Muslims deliver the cup for their country or Germany for that matter. While xenophobic countries like Japan, South Korea and Croatia out preforming this world cup.

ScentlessApprentice7 says:

I just love how "Diversity" is not used by these Lunatic Liberals according to its historical and even current-day Merriam Webster meaning; "Diversity" literally just f'n means Black people. So according to their broken, ever-twisting logic, BET is the most "Diverse" television channel in the HISTORY of television.

Martin Vargas says:

Alex always attacking someone. What a life. To sit around and think about who will I attack and bash next. One of these days. Someone will get enough. And I hope it gets aired for all to see.

traceadams67 says:

Didn't ISIS kill a bunch of kids for watching a soccer game on TV in Iraq ?

Aj John says:

Muslims are the best

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