Lisa Page Throws Peter Strzok Under The Bus During Testimony

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Lisa Page testified behind closed doors that the text messages between her and Peter Stzrok actually DID mean what they said. Owen Shroyer breaks down how the deep state is eating itself alive.

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Old drunk Donkey says:

Sztrok is going to be stroked by Big Bubba.

Adam Gabrail says:

Anderson Cooper you being in a cannibal club is disgraceful

D Villanueva says:

Abolish dems

She’s mad because strzok pick his wife and not her so I knew she would throw him under the bus

Trump 2020

Drew Taylor says:

Owen tries too hard to be like Alex. He's not funny or articulate. I wish I didn't have to listen to him to view the desired content of the videos. I usually just stop watching when I see him.

Bernadette Burick says:

Stroke and lease lol

sssbob says:

At what point did AC go from ( * ) to ( O ) ?

Barbara G. says:

God Bless Infowars!
The antics of the MSM are sinking them. Stuff like this, and Judge Pirro attacked on The View will be their undoing. It's right in front of everyone and cannot be denied. Whoopi so embarrassed herself today she had to rationalize her bad behavior – it wasn't an apology – there's no humility in her.
Infowars looks like a steady ship compared to this flotsam.

Tamara Calderon says:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…. lmmfao

EternalTruth4Ever says:

Strzok is an arrogant traitor. Russia is not Americas enemy.

Ejector Seat Reservation says:

Some big dude is gonna Strozk him in a jail cell till the end of time.

jerryljohnson1963 says:

Peter is a Strzok

Kathleen Stallings says:

I like Owen, he doesn't yell.

Brad Spitt says:

So the page turned

Brandon Jackman says:

No one cares what these sacks of garbage have to say. Check their ratings versus real media and let me know what you find! Crawl back in your hole Colbert and Cooper!

M Greer says:

Seems to me that Trump and Putin have the same enemy( DEEP STATE)

Donald says:

Bushes lying to the world about WMDs. Clinton lying about Lewinsky. Obama lying about his healthcare act. None are as disgraceful as Trump NOT antagonizing Russia lol

SiegHeilFuhrer14/88 SS says:

That's not the only thing to pop out his mouth.

Jack Wolfe says:

Very good pun. Hope they get what they are due.

People eating Tasty animals says:

Tell Vladimir that I will have more flexibility after my election

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