Mueller Gives Immunity To Criminals Like Tony Podesta To Cover DNC Crime Network – Full Show

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Milan Tashin says:

People open eyes!!!! Wtf!!! Lies! Lies! Lies around American people!!! Alex say real love ❤️

RED BALLS73 says:

Mrs Downas is actually a Man. Tranny. My opinion

ironwill23 says:

Wow, does Rand Paul have his head right up his a$$ to 'CLAIM' that Kennedy didn't let us lose the world!!!! Shows where the Lord ISN'T IN HIS LIFE!!!!!

Christopher Munn says:

How about the people Trump allowed to go free?

CHRIS smith says:

Rand Paul, Keep on course.

Extremist says:

Corruption rules. I’m sick of the constant complaining because none of these people will ever face justice. The deep stae ‘intelligence’ community has full control over our President and Congress. We are finished!

Caution Classy1 says:

Homeland security. I watched domestic threat… it happen really bad. Made cukture and people cry. I document everything on milatant level vs dumbasses playing. Im their worse nightmare.

Caution Classy1 says:

One more time. Read slowly. I opperrate on high level milanat level. Sometimes i correct the millatary etc. I opperrate above many milatary. There will never be another jesus. Not ever! But i heard its ok to be very smart.

Robert Zebrowski says:

Rand Paul kicking ass. New respect.

Caution Classy1 says:

Remember… how we got here. Some sadists said they cam screw the cops and the feds and all the first lawz and do whatever they want.homeland security said no… you cant. Of which you better be deathky affarid as ive seen some sadists pip their heads out and you are a fucking nightmare to watch because of your viewpoint and stupidity!

Ghost Lance says:

Logic of people with DTS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) = We don't want another world war so we should start a world war to make sure that we don't have another world war

piglex1 says:

Dear Mr Mueller, can I testify against Paul Mannafort please? I could do with some immunity. Your legal system seems to have a large 'bribery & corruption' department.

Erica Miles says:

Make love not war

Tc says:

Watching them lie about Alex was like watching the fake CNN news. They are an embarrousing to our country for sure. They need kicked out.

al7xx says:

Pot smokers killed the hemp movement. Stop getting high and let people get well.On every front selfish people have taken over and are getting nothing done.

She's my President says:

Okay, so Putin made an allegation that US intel officers funneled 400million to Hillary campaign .. Why is this not headlining on Infowars? This Greg Hunter guy is reporting on it

GunClingingPalin says:

Trump has got to fire everyone in his power that is contributing to giving all these crooks immunity.

Revoltmetal420 says:

Newsflash Infowars…the moon landing was a hoax.

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