Ontario to support Saskatchewan in federal carbon tax court fight

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Premier Doug Ford announced Thursday that Ontario will intervene in support of Saskatchewan’s court reference case, challenging Justin Trudeau and the federal government’s right to impose a carbon tax on provinces that don’t comply with its climate change plan.

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wanda 1701 says:


wanda 1701 says:


jo3y says:

Carbon tax theft from the second class

Kip William says:

Any revenue collected will be considered government revenue, every province has their own financial agenda, the only people that might qualify for a partial rebate are the people that actually never have contributed to society as taxpayers or home-owners. The current Liberal government has failed to actually communicate & justify such a tax that will affect every single Canadian. Failure to support national public transport, green technology, affordable housing, even allowing small homes is an insult to all Canadians with even a hint of intelligence. Federal financial support for the pipeline makes us look hypocritical in regards to declarations signed in Paris. Regardless if the pipeline is ever built which is unlikely, it will never be a benefit to average taxpayers, nobody will see a drop in current gas prices. Across Canada people of every race, background are becoming upset because high taxation on every level is destroying the fabric of Canada. Every tax robs people of the ability to support business, basically legalized theft that destroys nations, including Canada. We are the next Venezuela which also was considered the richest nation in South America with vast oil reserves equal to Saudi Arabia. Maybe Canada should evaluate the political ideology & obviously we’re more in line with communism/socialism rather than capitalism, we do great building a friendship with China & Russia.

Kip William says:

This carbon tax will increase the cost of every aspect of life regardless if your a home-owner or renter. You can be certain the vast majority, especially seniors that own their home will never see a rebate. Quite often especially in Saskatchewan, this revenue will remain as government revenue to be spent on current billion dollar infrastructure that we did not need. No possible way this collected tax is going back to the general public. Maybe some on welfare might qualify for a rebate. Why bother collecting a tax if your promising to offer rebates ? Why bother spending billions for a pipeline, when we fail to develop greener solutions ? Why is it, that Canada does not allow small homes to be developed in almost every municipality ? Our current policies based on corporate greed are indeed creating poverty, high unemployment & a massive homeless situation across Canada. With Greyhound ending service across Canada, you would expect more support for bus service that does result in less polluting auto travel. Canadians are without doubt the most highly taxed people on the planet, the vast majority live pay check to pay check, highest personal debts in the world. Highest cost of rents in all major Canadian cities especially Toronto, Vancouver & most likely Montreal due to illegal immigration. The end result will be the end of the Liberal Trudeau era & eventually the possible rise of very radical far right parties that seem to occur around the world. Maybe the government will have to implement a guaranteed living wage because most workers are living below poverty wages, only a small certain percentage of educated that forever make massive wages forever indexed to inflation. You have teachers, nurses making more than the Prime Minister, yet you have minimum wage earners lucky to make $1000/ month. Anyone lucky to seek post secondary education is paying a fortune with no guarantee of a high paying job. Canada has to start paying attention, because the end result will be a divided nation at war with itself, the seeds of discontent have been planted.

Jazz Mandolin says:

How is a carbon tax supposed to curb climate change?


According to the latest Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report, the Trans Mountain pipeline purchase will now push Budget 2018 to $22.1 Billion from $18.1 Billion. More debt. MORE CARBON EMISSIONS.

Lance in Calgary says:

excellent, me and the wife are moving to Saskatchewan next year! Plans have been in the works for awhile.

voidremoved says:

5:00 the people in the background picks its nose and they wipe it on the railing

Raffaele Gaudio says:

Montreal for ford.

Warming Planet says:

"Bad tax for families and Bad tax for Business". BUT GOOD TAX FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. GOOD TAX TO REDUCE INCREASING COSTS REPAIRING EXTREME WEATHER. The cost of doing nothing to reduce carbon will be the largest TAX ever placed upon the people of the world. But these politicians like Ford are too short sighted to understand.

John Hart says:

judging by the replies it's pretty much unanimous … all against Fairy Boy Trudeau … can't wait for the polls to open in the 2019 Election … just like Kathleen Wynn .. time to fix our mistake !!!!

Guy Scott says:

Just say NO to Carbon Taxes, Just say NO to Justin Trudeau…

keith bonham says:

Jason Kenny will add more strength to this team . Albertans will correct their nasty , costly NDP voting mistake in 2019 . VOTE NUTLEY & HER KINDERGARTEN NDP CABINET OUT IN 2019. Now go do the right thing & save Alberta .

Raya says:

Trudeau's tax grab and vote pandering are about to thrown into the dustbin of history.

Reagan Pup says:

What alternative solutions do they propose to curb our use of fossil fuels? Nothing. CPC is the party of climate denial.

old soul says:


Noy Tanks says:

Femininister Justin Peoplekind.

Betsy Gray O’Malley says:


Cmac says:

The carbon tax is sexist! It's an attack on women. End the oppression of single mothers!

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