Rand Paul Destroys Wolf Blitzer On CNN

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Owen Shroyer presents video footage produced by CNN of Senator Rand Paul destroying Wolf Blitzer’s partisan questioning with facts.

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Miki says:

What!? Screw you! Lol gotta love the Shroyer.

Dr Mengele says:


Mick James says:

The LORD will hand us a swift and significant victory in this fight soon. Watch.

Shane Potter says:

I believe the hot mic was with Dmitry Medvedev

The Slaughtered Lamb says:

Wolf blitzkrieg the anti-semite needs to learn how to grow a beard. It looks like someone just took some powdered Donuts and slapped him across the face with them.

Patrick says:

Owen kept interrupting Rand.

colburn888 says:

Paul is the only one who knows Washington and has not been corrupted by it.

Mr. Game & Watch says:

My boy Rand Paul better win in 2024.

Common Sensei says:

Are we supposed to trust the same intelligence community that told us WMD in Iraq??

Crazy Cat says:

I would vote for Rand.

rickrudd says:

I admit – I haven't watched much Infowars at all, but the mere fact that you seem to be making libs' heads explode is evidence enough of your bona fides for me!

Rick Dangerous says:

Three words…. SECRET SPACE PROGRAM… talk about that. And Boston false flag bombing?

Danna says:

Dont let him talk, just run him over Wolfe, it is how the left does it. LOL

Danna says:

Looks like Wolf pulled a Whoopi ! Over running his guest. Not good at all. How do these people keep their job? They are getting so desperate.

Tim Pollock says:

Werewolf Blitzer is a Communist News Network hack. Rand Paul will be elected US President in 2024.

Mario Hernandez says:

Rand Paul 2024

Veda C says:

He’s literally wolf in sheeps clothing

Samieseeker says:

I don't remember Blitzer being this upset when the intelligence agencies were caught using drag net spying on every single civilian in America, and also bugging foriegn leaders like Merkel etc… It's like a hypnotist doing everything he can to make us forget about PRISM etc, and convince us the alphabet agencies are beyond reproach and would NEVER do anything off the books….. It's a real shame people do seem to have such short memories.


MEDIA Refuses to do there jobs …they are NOT Journalists ..They Are Corrupt reporter …trying to Undermine the American People Day In an Day out.

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