Reports that U.K nerve-agent attack suspects ID’d

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The Press Association is reporting that British investigators are zeroing in on the suspects behind the nerve-agent attack in England. While former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter survived the attack, Dawn Sturgess, who was exposed to the Novichok nerve agent after the initial attack, died last week.

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Christine Thornhill says:

I don't think I will be visiting any perfumery departments any time soon !

roni thacker says:

Probably a "refugee"

Ash says:

When will the CBC cut the bias and allow us to make comments on other "politically corrected" videos including the Retardeau's ones? What kind of "cherry-pick" democracy and freedom of speech CBC is forcing on us?

Bob Marshel says:

‘Wild speculation’: UK Security Minister dismisses claims of identified Skripal suspects
Typical CBC …only reporting what they want ….DEFUND CBC

Geovannijulzz69 says:

Hahahahahahah. Dose anyone believe this ?

JJ Says says:

Inside job. They’ll blame Russia though.

Martyn Tully says:

What a load of shite

PewPewClint says:

It's so peaceful in the UK with their strong gun laws 🙂

_ Grundel _ says:

Why haven't you posted the Tory response video you streamed yesterday? Are you censoring them CBC News??

Caroline Nguyen says:

Is this a “person” who’s throwing out poison or what :/

James Parker says:

CBC should change its name to Isis Tv

Bobby Bass says:

Identification of Skripal suspects is 'wild speculation' – UK security minister… 19 Jul, 2018

Marcus Anonymous says:

Russia Russia Russia Russia. No proof or anything but Russia Russia Russia Russia.

hogensan says:

Impossible to know as government deceit knows no bounds. Like CBC.

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