The Deep State Fears Peace Between The US and Russia

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Putin says forces in the US are trying to undermine president Trump regarding the common ground between the US and Russia.

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I'm gone says:

There is strength in numbers.
Not just physically, but also mass consciousness.
They know it, and will do anything to keep us destabilized.
Trump knows it to. Lol
Guess who's coming to dinner?

Cole Maxfield says:

Such a great quote from trump from the summit

Broderick Wagoner says:

Russia is all white and Christian. Of course the media would have us believe it's collusion. So many things at play here. God bless Rossiya and the United States!

Daniel Yang says:

The Deep State does not fear the peace between US and Russia but they fear the false accusations that had all thes years on Russia that will prove that they are all wrong! especially Trump and obama administration.

adrian kovalski says:

globalists/deep state/illuminati jesuit society
needs world war 3
so they can kill of much of humanity
and force everyone left alive into satans one world government under the final pope the anti christ
the people left alive after world war 3
will be so desperate for peace
that they will bend over and buy into what the illuminati offers
thats what these pedophile devil worshippers are building up to
and than and only than
will the lord jesus christ return as promised with his holy angels in glory and power

J F says:

Great white countries meeting are a threat to the world order.

Jørgen Kraig says:

Alex is a Proud Western Chauvenist, UHURU!

Todd Jameson says:

Great analysis by Alex. Spot on.

Ascending Libra says:

do some research on the bolsheviks. Russia kicked their asses out( they are alot like antifa, and our deepstate) and got freedom again. It's what we are facing here now in the usa as well. We got china corrupting things as well though. I wouldn't trust china to much.

The Hamster Wheel says:

THATS WHAT I SAID..Trump is bringing peace and the libtards are trying to thwart it

SixSentSoldiers says:

Morph Alex and Bill Hicks face for the cover of a mag.

We2 says:

Because it exposes the real issue…the Deep State's cozy relationship with the Chi-coms!

John Doe Project says:

The pedophile elite are scrambling, trying to confuse the proletariat for cover. I have news for you, the technology used to control and spy on hardworking Americans has turned against you and President Trump knows everything. These animals will be rounded up in short order. Drain the swamp!

j dragoon says:

What gives? Aren't they both Zionist buddies? And Alex sounds even more ridiculous when he is on the phone. Yal run a hilarious operation at Info wars. Pure entertainment.

mytree123 says:

International bankers Rothschild do not want us to get along all wars are Bankers Wars divide and conquer is there game they're playing almost every nation one against the other shame on them don't forget they own the media propaganda around the world they're good at playing both sides of all wars

G Kagara says:

Helsinsky meeting was a joke, Putin undermined European as Ally denounces them as greater foe, this is diplomatically disastrous in the future.

Crypto Jihadi says:

Trump and Putin tag team to take down the Satanists.

Leftists running like the cockroaches they are.

GREG Torchia says:

Strength and peace through superior firepower

EternalTruth4Ever says:

Russia is not Americas enemy.

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