Vladimir Putin Targets George Soros And Bill Browder

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Vladimir Putin calls the bluff of both George Soros and Bill Browder at the summit in Helsinki. Dr. Jerome Corsi explains false flag attempts by the deep state to blame Putin for shooting protestors.

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hr 777 says:

deep demon devil satanic state

Josh Soderling says:

If they work together the only place for Soros to run to would be China bet he will love it there lol.

Robert McPhail says:

Thanks Owen, yet again, for countering the persistent, foul deception of the Left!

The Wedge says:

Owen!! the Crimean people don't wanna be part of Russia, THEY ALREADY ARE PART OF RUSSIA. Crimea is Russia officially today. lol

Gerberger says:

70% is crazy…

Mash Eclokin says:

As an Australian I would like to see a great friendship between the USA & Russia…. the boogie man stories are not working anymore!!

J F says:

You can't make it up. (((George Soros))) and (((Bill Browder)))… Let me guess, the next video will be about (((Zuckerberg)))…


Ukrainians are bad people, I remember them from the history books

Bryan Goldman says:

Correction brother Owen time difference between St.Petersburg and Moscow is 1 minute , I believe you meant the other side which is near Japan

ПРИВЕТ YouTube says:

Soros should be hung , so should his relatives who support him.

TB says:

CNN is a sewer plant

jimmyxtc69 says:

If Trump and Putin worked together to bring down George Soros and his ilk, the world would be a better place.

Wolf Mobile says:

Putin would do the world a favor if he took out Soros and his kids.

Dave O says:

Russia actually brokered the stop to fighting in Korea in the 50'
and been killing muslims ever since, CAUSE THEY ARE CHRISTIANS!

Terry Moore says:

Soros wanted dead or alive..

Immaculate Heart says:

Give Putin Soros and all Treasons and let see how Putin deal with treason. They will dead meat in a second. Americans need to do CITIZEN ARREST to all the Treason, Deep State, Swamp and Shadow Government. They all are Luciferians/Pedophiles.

EternalTruth4Ever says:

Russia is not Americas enemy.

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