Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Say This About Alex Jones?

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Alex Jones breaks down how the mainstream media is now conflating Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about InfoWars in order to smear Alex Jones as being a “holocaust denier”.

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RedEyeRaza says:

Whys he on a phone

J F says:


Unarcadia Arcadia says:

Mainstream media is just a globalist operation. It's just another tool to them.

Carrie Westham says:

A member of congress should introduce a bill to break up the social media companies into two parts. One will be a so-called family friendly version, and the other will be a "public access" version. If we threaten to do this, I guarantee the social media monopolies will back off and allow free speech to avoid being broken in two.

Meghan Burns says:

That’s exactly right

mikemoair says:

Zuckerburg buying up Hawaii and they don't like that there.

Yourname Here says:

for the people who tell you that certain phrases are banned, let them know that all of their words are banned to. Anything that comes out of their mouth, tell them that it's well understood that their statements are racist and your not even going to comment as it's so obvious that it doesn't require comment. Ban all their speech or just inform them that they can't use "those" words ….whatever words they use.
Gaslight them. Call them racists! yell it loudly!
"Did you hear what this racist just said! I HEARD you you racist!"

Out "Alinsky" them.

Yourname Here says:

SPLC is another "Fusion GPS" that funnels BS to the FBI who then collaborates with them and calls them "partners". It's essentially a foreign intelligence operation operating on US soil.
Funny that Deutsch is worried about OKC after all these years.
Still an open case?
Time to reinvestigate?

Yourname Here says:

the Deep State Holocaust is well underway.
so many tears and so much desperation.
I can't help but smile.

SissCo Kids says:

He is not Jewish; he is Khazarian, see Revelation, Chapters 2 and 3, verses 9 in both.

Andrew says:

one cannot simply deny the Holocaust™

B vegan Now says:

They cant legally sue u for speech, especially for saying something like the holocaust didnt happen. first amendement freedom of speech.
Hogg called the nra murderers and said other lies, why dont they go after him.

Andrew says:

Why do all the Chi-coms look Jewish and have Jewish names?

Jesse La Brosse says:

You know your going to ultimately lose this battle right?… look. I love to listen to info wars. And I love buying from your store. But to fulfill Bible proficy, you will end up losing in the end. Sure it might look like your winning. Just enough to rally the people to support trump. To support the government. But in the end free speech and the first amendment will have to go away. Because once that’s done they can move on to there next goal. And that’s to wipe out all religion. It’s bible proficy. There’s a lot that pertain to our time frame. And there all being fulfilled. But yea. First free speech has to go. Then they can go after religion and shut that down.

nobillclinton says:

hmmm, yeah, we've been sold out BUUUUUUT it's GENEVA & BRUSSELS and the Kakistocracy. . .the chinese are the latest boogieman. . .as soon as they are no longer useful, they'll move on to the next phase of their agenda: world slavery, genocide and their utopia.

j driesen says:

Zuckerberg ugly ugly fucker.

Dom P says:

Red ice radio take the real red pill

Dom P says:

Res ice radio

Dom P says:

Red ice radio

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