Why Does MSM Ignore Big Pharma Killing Americans?

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Owen Shroyer and Jon Rappoport reveal how the major mainstream media companies are on the payroll of big pharma, and they assist in the cover up of pharmaceutical manslaughter.

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J F says:

Big Pharma is almost as bad as leftism.


IS IT LEGAL? IT DESTROYS THEIR BODY AND MIND AND YES IT INVITES BAD SPIRITS . Modern day Witchcraft Sorcery. CPS Juvenile Court System AND MHS are ALL in collusion.When you're NOT with Jesus the devil will prey harder and destroy u faster. .

J W says:

Yknow what’s crazy? The amount of doctors who prescribe adderall to children . Look at how many kids are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. That stuff ruins kids minds , more so than things like marijuana and even alcohol .

Meghan Burns says:

Great question

Jon Mo says:

I watched some news about fake MDMA last night. Legal shit comes from china , its close to meth, people sell it cheap , people think its the real deal and 90% is fake? Man how shit has mutated. Seizures, hospitilization, why not its illegal anyway right?

Arco Cola says:

Herb & coffee.

ovoxomcful says:

Idk if I should take Zoloft, does it help?

The Red Pill Dragon says:

Why does MSM ignore Big Pharma? The same reason Dems refuse to talk about psychotropic drugs and their role in school shootings, they are in bed with big pharma

Carmicha3l says:

Who controls the news is the drugs and the Jews

Dom P says:

Red ice radio

Freeloading Celebrity says:

I can’t get Benzodiazepines which really help in times of need because of addicts. Drugs help. Pain meds help those that need it. Now if you even mention a benzo or a opioid you are looked upon as a drug addict. Those same doctors or nurse practitioners sure like to get hammered on alcohol many of them are alcoholics and suicidal.

Grace Pictures says:

Bc along with Parenthood, Muslims, addiction, that’s their only way to have population control before agenda 21 is implemented

Rev 22:20 says:

Hate to admit it, but I use to be prescribed Klonopin, loved it. But I knew how to handle it. You NEVER took it more than 3 days in a row, because your tolerance of these types of medications go up so quickly. In the 2 years I was prescribed it, I never went passed .05 mg. Never had to. Made sure my tolerance to it wouldn't go up. Now I am on Zoloft, and it has been an absolute life saver for me, but I just KNOW, it's probably doing something terrible to my body in the long run. But when you're desperate to feel "normal" again, you bit the bullet and do it. Also an older friend of mine who's in her 70's told me her doc warned her not take any benzodiazepines, as they increase the risk of Alzheimer drastically for older folks.

Ryan Lord A says:

Why? Because of the same people that privately own the Federal Reserve and can print indefinite fiat currency.

Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

GT FORD 427 says:

Trump rips the Fed tax hike ? who gave the tax cuts

Janga Froe says:

Looks like obama really earned that Nobel peace prize

Malachy Smith says:

I am so SICK of those ridiculous pharma ads. Ought to be ILLEGAL

freddy mentos says:

"These pharmaceutical companies in a sense own the news outlets"

Just count how many commercials there are for pills that contain 500 side effects on any given mainstream news outlet.

Eddie Tait says:

Sadam never had Weapons Why ask that question Of course it was Queer Barry Obuma

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