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Israel’s parliament has narrowly passed a law that defines the country as a Jewish state. It gives only the Jews the right to self-determination, discriminating against one-fifth of the population which includes nearly two million Arab Israelis and other minorities. The law also demotes Arabic, leaving Hebrew as the only official language.

The move has led to widespread anger, even among sections of the Jewish population. Arab Israelis are calling it racist and comparing it with apartheid.

So, what’s in store for them? How will the regional powers react to the controversial law?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Emmanuel Navon, Tel Aviv University

Prof Mukhaimer Abu Saada, Al Azhar University, Gaza

Gil Hoffman, Chief Political Correspondent, Jerusalem Post.

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Samira Ahmed says:

Israel has lost the moral argument and their days are numbered.

dee nixon says:

This is disastrous and disgusting.

mohit agarwal says:

All the Pakistani talking about minority rights. Hypocrites

Eric Falch says:

Stupid Israeli-Palestinians. How did they not see this coming? They've made so many concessions to their occupiers (becoming Israeli citizens, accepting the legitimacy of their stolen land, getting into their politics, paying them taxes …) and now they play surprised when Israel declares itself as a Jewish state, something every Jewish Israeli has said and considered since 48. It's only a pebble in the list of humiliations they've accepted as the dhimmis they've chosen to become.

At least I have more esteem for Hamas who never accepted the legitimacy of Israel and made the choice of resistance, knowing they'd pay the harsh price for it.

aminu aidara says:

They can make all the laws in this world that will never give them the true ownership of that land they are just thiefs an when is time for them to leave they would leave whether they like it or not long live Palestine………

Abdulhusain Dohadwala says:

Free Palestine❤❤

Love from South Asia❤❤

S Hussein says:

It's funny none of the arabs in Israel. Don't want to move to Saudi Arabia. The homeland of this backward death cult.

Habibi Alisha says:

It has BEEN an aparheid state.

lubnah alatas says:

The racist state always create problem. What they did is ILEGAL according to International Law. People who against the Law are a CRIMINAL! West Bank and East Jerusalem are Palestinian Land

FellTheSky says:

I would like to have a white state to move in. Maybe russia?

RochesFan says:

All nations have the right to self-determination. Some are choosing to become just one voice among many in their own homelands, while others are fighting to maintain their identity, language and heritage on their own terms.

Sun Shine says:

Israelis are the Nazis of the Middle East!

nomnom says:

What happened to them being for the two state solution? I give up on these people.

Lear King of Albion says:

It would be helpful to list the consequences to the average Palestinian in Israel, if any consequences, to the change from official language by assumption to the current status.

Covert Puppytwo says:

"It gives only the Jews the right to self-determination" – Do Islamic countries give the right to self-determination to others in their countries that aren't Muslim? Typical Islamic hypocrisy!!!

stefanos2691 says:

Israel is a fascist state. How quickly they forgot.

ziv ziv says:

You should read the law before you make false statements

Jawad H says:

Hitler the one true god of Israel.

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